Poet, Speaker, And Singer-Songwriter Regina Gale Hits Six Amazon Best Seller Lists With “That’s What Love Is”

“That’s What Love Is” by Regina Gale, reached #1 best seller status in Contemporary Poetry, #1 in African American Poetry,#1 in African poetry, as well as ranking in the top six books in three other categories on launch day, November 20. 2019.
Poet, Speaker, And Singer-Songwriter Regina Gale Hits Six Amazon Best Seller Lists With “That’s What Love Is

Poet, speaker, and singer-songwriter Regina Gale‘s recent release, That’s What Love Is: Family + Friends = Love hit six of Amazon.com best seller lists on November 20, 2019, climbing all the way to number one in the categories of contemporary poetry, African poetry, and African American poetry.

Written from the heart of a “seasoned” woman who has seen love, experienced love, studied love, failed at love, and excelled at love, this book of short stories and poetry provides powerful and empowering insights and lessons on all aspects of love.

That’s What Love Is continues the candid conversation about relationships and what happens with them over time that was introduced with Gale’s first book, Amazon best seller Sometimes He Buys Me Grapes. That’s What Love Is  is a very personal encounter of the heart, full of emotion and complete with real life interactions.

In response to the success of the book on launch day, Gale shared “I was overwhelmed by love. I shared words and experiences of the heart that would inspire people to look more closely at what was showing up as love in their own lives. Many times, especially as we age, love looks different. Often we find ourselves looking for love but we have not really defined what love actually looks like to or for us at this time in our life. If we have not defined love, when love shows up, we may take it for granted or miss it altogether, and that would be tragic because we all deserve love.”

“As we enter the holiday season, the need for connection and a sense of love is even more important. Holiday cheer is in the air. Life changes that occur over time can bring on a sense of loneliness and want for what used to be and is no more. A mate is gone, the children have moved on, and friendships may be different. The want for love is ever present, no matter what is going on in life.  I know for a fact that love is always within reach if you really want it. It may look different than what has been experienced in the past but it is near. Love is about giving and the unexpected gifts it can produce are amazing.”

“When we are anchored by family and friends, we can love life and begin living life differently, regardless of our circumstances or challenges. Family and friends definitely equal love.”

The book is available in both print and Kindle versions on Amazon

About Regina Gale

Regina Gale is a singer-songwriter, poet, and speaker who is passionate about sharing real-world lessons learned in the first half of life with others so they can create a life they love. She currently serves as the Director of Communications for the Friends of North Carolina Public Library. Valuing the importance of higher education, Regina Gale obtained both an undergraduate degree and an MBA while maintaining a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry. Living the best life now finds Regina Gale performing her eclectic jazz inspired style as a singer, inspiring hope through words in song and poetry and dancing the dance of life without reservation.

To learn more about, Regina Gale, visit www.ReginaGale.com

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