LetsText, LLC Announces a New Addictive, Inspirational Approach to Goal Tracking for their Platform: Vervo App

Los Angeles, CA – Local LA startup LetsText, LLC announced today the addition of a positivity-centric feature, named the Inspiration Wall. The new feature provides users with an endless stream of inspirational images related to their goals as a motivational approach towards goal setting. Founders of Vervo app expressed how the feature was researched for months to integrate into current platform in a seamless, beneficial way.

The Vervo team expects the feature to solidify the concept of inspiration as a motivational force towards achieving goals, upon which the founders have established the platform. The Inspiration Wall should provide goal-setters a way to find inspirational photos and add them to their goals within a few taps, all within the app. The new feature relies on the Law of Attraction, as described by the founders, to help users visualize their goals in a positive, yet fun approach.  The feature is backed by global technologies to deliver extremely fast, yet relevant photos based on users’ goals and interests.

About LetsText, LLC

LetsText, LLC founded Vervo app earlier this year to establish a new motivational approach in goals setting. Their platform, Vervo App, enables users to share their goals and habits with each other in a fun, competitive way. LetsText, LLC stated that the core of the Vervo App is built upon staying motivated to goals through peers’ competition and inspiration.

For more information about LetsText, LLC, please visit https://letstext.com

About Vervo App’s Inspiration Wall

The Inspiration Wall feature is intended to support the goal-tracking platform through a modern, photo-based approach to motivate users towards their goals. The feature is anticipated to generate fruitful results in Vervo’s user base through providing a link between goal setting and visualization to help users stay motivated until the finish line.

For more information, please visit https://vervoapp.com.

For the motivation behind the Inspiration Wall, visit https://vervoapp.com/community.html?post=3WSkByWPpsCYywFULKJR

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