Automation Testing without Java from the Cloud is Now a Reality

After many years of successful test automation projects, eXpertStack is launching its Public Preview Release of the eXpertStack Platform; the first No-Code / Low-Code Test Automation solution in the cloud, designed for Agile Teams, QA Engineers, and Testers.

NO programming skills required while being easily extendable to meet virtually any test specification needed via API!

Following on the acceptance of Low-Code development platforms like Mendix, OutSystems, and Salesforce Lighting, the eXpertStack team felt it was the right time to throw their hat in the ring to solve the Age Old Problem of Test Automation.

Today, organizations are under enormous pressure to release faster without risking software quality and company reputation yet testing is still a huge problem.

Cutting the testing bottleneck is a huge contributing factor that holds teams back from meeting release deadlines. Automation testing is the answer. Unfortunately, most Agile development teams don’t have the test automation experience or enough technical resources to build and maintain custom Selenium test frameworks long term.

The fact remains that most test automation projects fail due to 4 key reasons:

  • Technical Resource Limitations
  • Programming Skills Required
  • Uncontrollable Maintenance & Extendibility Challenges
  • Unpredictable Project Costs

The eXpertStack Solves all 4!

With the rise of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment in the modern age of software development, test automation is NO longer optional.

The answer to the difficult challenge is a low-code test automation platform that both less technical and highly technical team members can use!

The Low-Code approach is already a proven model for increasing the speed of business application development by companies like Microsoft, SalesForce, OutSystems, Mendix and countless other low-code development platforms being introduced.

The eXpertStack platform fills the “Missing Link” for Test Automation.

The eXperStack is the first No-Code/Low-Code test automation platform in the cloud completely designed to fit into the modern CI/CD pipeline.

eXpertStack fully supports Web applications, Mobile Applications, API-Driven Apps & even Desktop apps.

eXpertStack’s Revolutionary Test Creation & Maintenance Strategy

The eXpertStack has a very unique solution for creating and maintaining test case assets called; Test Actions. eXpertStack contains over 375 Built-in Test Actions that replace the need for scripting by adding an “intelligence layer” on top of Selenium WebDriver and Appium. While also having a completely fresh approach to API testing.

Users can easily use a visual test case editor to create automated test cases without programming while still having the power and control necessary to extend your tests.

The eXpertStack platform solves the maintenance challenge in several ways including its cloud architecture, Unique Object Repository Design & powerful reusable test assets to name a few. Plus, the eXpertStack can be easily extended to meet virtually any app under test requirement using simple JavaScript.

What makes the eXpertStack platform even more attractive beyond lowering the technical skills barrier is our pricing/licensing model.

Unlike other enterprise solutions that charge a huge up upfront license fee and limit teams by either users, projects, or parallel test case executions, the eXpertStack offers a completely “free account” that includes Unlimited projects, Unlimited users, Unlimited parallel test case executions and test management completely free.

QA engineers and testers can use the eXpertStack at their own pace to advance their test automation skills to become a test eXpert.

“Organizations have QA engineers and testers that need the opportunity to elevate their testing career to the next level. Why not leverage their domain knowledge and take advantage of the eXpertStack platform to close the programming skills gap. It’s a win win for Business, Developers and QA teams.” Pete Stone, Chief Strategy Officer

There is Literally NO Risk involved using the eXpertStack.

No more need for guess-work during a free trial if a tool will meet your needs before you pay for it all up front. Just use eXpertStack for as long as you want and scale up and down as you need to.

The eXpertStack is Battle Tested!

Although this is a Preview Release of the eXpertStack, it has been used over several years to launch and maintain over 200 successful test automation consulting projects at large enterprises and startups alike. With limited resources the eXpertStack allows Agile teams to automate and maintain complex application projects to meet short release cycles.

The team behind the eXpertStack are the first of the future generation of Low-Code Test Automation pros. The support provided for early adopters of the eXpertStack is one of the strongest advantages Agile teams can expect.

eXpertStack’s CTO, Yevsey Melamed said, “More than 10 years ago, I was working for a consulting firm that was creating stock trading management software on Wall Street. Test automation was critical to complete these tasks but in those days we had a team of developers to handle it. The idea to create a simple, distributed, easy to maintain test automation platform that can be controlled by non-developers was born. Now it is finally here!”

The Big Advantage for Business

The eXpertStack proves test automation projects can be driven by QA teams without development or DevOps team involvement. This makes test automation much more attainable by small start-ups, consulting companies and large enterprises alike. Not to mention the cost savings. Agile Teams can finally launch automation testing projects in the Cloud without needing Java Programming Expertise!

Be among the First adopters of this Game-Changing Cloud-based Test Automation Solution.

The eXpertStack Preview Release is Available Now.

Learn More about the Special Advantages for Early Access to the Preview Release of the eXpertStack.

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