OROGOLD Cosmetics Expanding Worldwide with the Unique Gold Approach to Skincare

OROGOLD Cosmetics has Taken its Skincare Line to New Levels and the Demand is Tremendous!

OROGOLD Cosmetics is a revolutionary type of skin care product that is being touted worldwide as an effective way to fight wrinkles, improve skin texture, and provide other beauty benefits to its users.  With an international following spanning the globe, this company has proven that the products they offer are truly in demand and perform well, as users flock to their stores and return over and over again. 

OROGOLD COSMETICS follows the premise that gold, since it is a softer metal and more easily absorbed into the skin, is a great way to enhance skin texture, provide preventive skin maintenance, and give a natural golden glow to skin without any harmful chemicals or other unnecessary ingredients.  The product line is truly extensive with everything from anti-aging creams, to face masks, and even neck creams.  No matter what a consumer seeks in an OROGOLD product, they most likely will find it. 

OROGOLD COSMETICS is not only internationally well-known but expanding into a men’s line now!

OROGOLD COSMETICS is so popular internationally, with stores in practically each and every country worldwide, with twenty stores already open and plans for more, that the company is now expanding into the production of products for men.  This new line will no doubt be as popular as the original women’s products as the benefits of the products will remain the same and the same focus on quality will no doubt go into the men’s product line. 

OROGOLD COSMETICS is geared to cater to every skin type and need of each and every client. 

Although each store in each location is individually owned and operated, much training in the products is given to each independent owner, and the staff and owners are trained routinely on clients’ needs and the types of products that are offered.  The overall satisfaction level is high and OROGOLD does ensure that clients can ask any questions they want, and also tell of any concerns they have with any products.  It’s a consumer-driven customer satisfaction type atmosphere no matter where stores are located.

OROGOLD COSMETICS is receiving accolades in major magazines across the globe.

OROGOLD has appeared in dozens of major magazines globally and is a favourite of not only consumers but celebrities.  The great benefits combined with a good price structure and a youthful glow is making OROGOLD more popular globally each month.  The growth is nothing short of explosive! 

OROGOLD has taken the concept of the gold facial masks used in spas one step further.

OROGOLD took the concept of gold facial masks that are used in spas for years and applied this science to an extensive array of products that is truly remarkable.  A client or consumer can walk in for a consultation and for the most part get the type of product they are seeking that uses the “gold technology” that is so beneficial to skin.  Gold facials and the benefits of gold for the skin have been around for literally centuries with Cleopatra using a gold mask each night during sleep. This approach to skin care has it’s basis in holistic medicine, called Ayurvedic Medicine.  It is a centuries old approach.

OROGOLD COSMETICS will no doubt continue to grow with its extensive line of products

A totally dedicated training of both independent owners and the staff within its stores makes it popular internationally and the focus on customer service ensures returning customers and clients of this holistic approach to radiant skin.  The vast product line suits thousands as well. It’s truly a “golden approach” to skincare! 


OROGOLD COSMETICS is an internationally renowned firm that produces some of the finest anti-aging and skin care products available anywhere.  All stores are independently owned and operated and span the entire globe, with over twenty stores internationally.  More are opening each year and the company focus is customer and client satisfaction and owner/operator and staff training.  A toll-free number and email exist for all clients to ensure easy contact of each store. 

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