Initialism Brings Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Solutions for Businesses across Australia

Initialism Brings Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Solutions for Businesses across Australia

Leading Anti-money Laundering Compliance (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) Solutions Experts, Initialisim brings you with an chance to roll along with the ever changing polices and place your company on the safest sides, a great opportunity to work with the best in the game.

In order to overcome internal anti laundering polices and remain compliant with the latest setups, meet compliance obligations and important regulations, bank credit unions and similar financial institutions, your company will need good money laundering compliance support.

Initialisim are leading experts in Anti-money Laundering Compliance (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF). They support the development and maintenance of AML CTF programs including risk assessment through delivery options that leverage on innovating technology and are designed to meet your various needs with flexibility.

Initialism harmonizes your AML/CTF compliance obligations with fast easy and pocket-friendly solutions that work. Their expertise extend to experience of money laundering law enforcement and investigation developing and implementing national regulatory supervision techniques as well as developing pragmatic responses to AML/CTF compliance obligations and financial crime risk management for all sizes and types of business with AML/CTF obligations.

The Initialism system is easy to set up and use, flexible to fine tune with a shared compliance infrastructure that allows you to focus its technical resource on other core business activities. It also provides 24/7 Service support.

Initialism has been tested, trusted and relied upon for over 30 years by its numerous users and have proved relentless in consistency and credible service rendering. Its expertise is indeed first class in AML/CTF compliance solutions.

About AML

Initialisim provides Anti-money Laundering Compliance (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) program methodologies that defines how companies monitor accounts, directs and reports financial crimes to relevant authorities and tackle inherent and residual money laundering risk the company face.

They understand the substantial rise in the number of legislations regarding how legal entities especially financial institutions combat financial crimes like money laundering and terroristfinancing in different parts of the world and has employed various measures against these crimes and as experts in the compliance business, have taken liberty of providing AML/CTF programs.

Initialisim is staffed with a team of experienced AML consultant giants led by its principal officer Niel James; a top financial crime risk management expert with a 25 years spanned professional experience.

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