Gives The Top Benefits of an Office Phone Booth Gives The Top Benefits of an Office Phone Booth

The use of soundproof phone booths is one of the latest office innovations that’s growing in popularity. They provide an array of benefits, with some that may be quite surprising. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of using an office phone booth here.

Increased Privacy

According to, one of the first benefits employees notice when working in their own, soundproof booth, is a newfound sense of privacy. This is especially true for workers who are used to working in an open-plan office. Consider the description ”a private box” which often feels special and rare to those who are used to working amid others with no privacy. There are some employers who are concerned about this privacy, believing the first thing their team will do is to slack off.

However, according to several studies, the opposite is actually true. When someone feels like they have their own, private space to work, job performance improves. This is because they enjoy being able to work without having to worry about others listening in.

For example, if someone is talking on the phone, they may feel more comfortable building a rapport with a client if they are sure their colleagues aren’t paying attention to what is being said. This is all possible thanks to the physical barrier created by the booth along with the knowledge it is soundproof. Some workers state that this privacy also helps to reduce on-the-job stress.

No Need to Cut Out Noise

Perhaps the biggest benefit of these booths is the ability to cut out all background noise. This allows those using the booth to work easily without having to worry about what is going on around them. Video conferences and phone calls are a daily part of any office environment, but if everyone is doing this at the same time, it’s difficult to hear what’s going on over the phone.

The noise distraction, even when it is in the background, is distressing for many. While many may not realize this, the noises often grab their attention and distract them from the task at hand. This increases stress, which can be detrimental to job productivity over time.

Improved Control

While there is a report that WeWork shuts 2,300 office phone booths over health scare, these types of situations are rare. It’s important to consider the fact that there are significant psychological repercussions of many open-plan offices, including a lack of control for the employee. This often leads to feelings of helplessness, even if they are on the subconscious level. Without the booth, there is no way to escape the noise, no options for privacy, and no control of the environment they have to work in. With booths, like the ones offered by places like Thinktanks, these issues are eliminated.

For employers who are searching for an effective way to increase employee productivity while increasing emotional and physiological health, they should consider office phone booths. These offer all the benefits here and more. Keep this in mind to figure out if this is a smart investment for an office environment.

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