Suggests Don’t Dismiss Oil Investments as Part of a Diversified Portfolio Suggests Don\'t Dismiss Oil Investments as Part of a Diversified Portfolio

Everyone should be investing to fund their own retirement. By now, all working people should know they won’t be able to depend on the federal government to support them when they are no longer able to work. Investing money for retirement doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, the only thing a portfolio really needs is diversity.

What Does it Mean to Diversify?

Different investments grow under different market conditions. When a portfolio is full of the same type of investment or investments in the same industry, it is more likely to lose its value before the owner reaches retirement age. Of course, there’s a slim chance this one investment could grow substantially and allow someone to retire early, but that is the exception rather than the rule. According to, there’s just too much risk in not diversifying.

Although the market trends upwards over time, not all investments are going to gain in value. Some will fall in value and never recover, so every investor needs to have a plan to neutralize those losses. Diversification is that plan. There are no guarantees when it comes to investing but spreading out assets over different types such as stocks, bonds, funds, and commodities gives investors the best chance of having the money they need when they’re ready to retire.

Ways to Choose Investments

There are a few options when it comes to choosing the right investments to create a diversified portfolio. The option many people choose is to allow their brokerage firm to do this for them for a fee. The investor can provide insight into what they are trying to achieve with their portfolio and the types of companies they would like to own. This option is ideal for someone who doesn’t know a lot about investing and isn’t interested in learning.

Another option is to learn the basics, research, and choose investments independently. This takes more time, but it puts an investor in control of their own portfolio. Stocks are among the simplest types of investments. When it comes to commodities, investors have to ask themselves, Are Oil-and-Gas Companies a Good Investment? The answer could depend on the global economy but because commodities fluctuate rapidly, it’s important to research this thoroughly before making a decision. Using a provider like EnergyFunders could help mitigate some risks associated with investing in commodities.

Investing is one of the most effective ways a person has to ensure they have enough money to retire. Few people want to work after they’ve reached retirement age and, if they invest wisely, they won’t have to. Although it may be tempting to choose assets randomly or invest a lot of money in a familiar company, putting too many eggs in one basket could result in substantial losses. Depending on when the losses happen, a worker may not have enough time to make up the difference and retire at the age they hoped. The simple solution is to diversify either by researching the market or working with an experienced professional.

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