Hotels Etc. Excited to Announce Its Newest Executive and Ground-Breaking Changes

Paul Compton has been appointed as the new Executive Vice President of The Reseller Division of Hotels, Etc. He will complement the already successful corporate team in place and use his knowledge and skills to make the discount company a leader on the world playing field.

One of the most respected and successful discount companies in America has today shared some exciting news. The company based in Located in Loganville, GA and who offer up to 75% off public rates on travel, shopping, recreation, health, etc. has welcomed Paul Compton who will be the new Executive Vice President of the Reseller Division of Hotels Etc.

Paul Compton, who resides in Austin, Texas has for the last 22 years worked for some of the largest sales organizations in North America as a Sales Executive. He will be an important addition to the corporate team. With his dedication, knowledge and decades of experience in building and developing resellers and independent offices throughout the world, he will be able to help move Hotels Etc. forward through exciting times.

When asked about his background and achievements, Paul Compton responded: “I started on the streets, door to door, and in the trenches. I was able to grow companies organically from the ground up by building their sales infrastructure to include thousands of resellers and partners.”

Paul who is very modest about his achievements has become one of the most sought-after experts in his field. The new Executive Vice President who has become so successful in selling, he has become a self-made millionaire. He has been able to lead multiple companies in acquiring billions in new sales all through reseller channels and created numerous millionaires.

Hotels Etc. is very lucky to have attracted Paul’s attention and gained his services with the sales expert being headhunted by some of the top businesses in the world.

So, please welcome Paul to Hotels, Etc. family. Allow him to guide you in your own legacy. Use his years of experience in building that generational wealth we all seek. And, welcome him in mentoring you until you too are the millionaires he seeks to create here at Hotels Etc.

See you at the TOP!

PS: Hot off Paul’s Desk – Ground Breaking Changes are coming to Hotels Etc. and its team of current, future and past resellers. Change that is sure to create the momentum you need going into the Holiday season and into 2020. If you have been sitting on the sideline, join now before 2020! Don’t regret starting now, renewing now, upgrading now, before Paul unleashes his new digital and subscription-based models as well as new pricing. And, here we go…

About Hotels Etc.

In the year 1996 Hotels Etc. was launched and Shawn Pigg became CEO in 2005 which unknowingly would grow into one of the largest and most sought-after discount companies in America.

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