Newmatic Appliance, Singapore Brand Of Built-In Kitchen Appliances Now In Kenya

Newmatic Appliance, Singapore Brand Of Built-In Kitchen Appliances Now In Kenya

Are you remodelling your kitchen or is it a new built? A kitchen can never function without its appliances and the built-in kind is your best bet to achieve the expectations of your family’s dream kitchen.

Modern modular kitchens are made of readily available materials of our times, supplied in modules fitted together to achieve a sleek, consistent & modern look while maximizing space to deliver the best results & value. 

Built-in kitchen appliances evolved together with modular kitchens and the two synergize to maximize the effects of aesthetics & functionalities. Simply, built-in appliances are “built into” your cabinet and countertops. They seamlessly integrate into any kitchen design and provide a clean and modern feel to the kitchen.

The kitchen is no longer just a functional room for meal preparation; it has become a place of socializing with friends & family over coffee, snack or an evening meal being prepared. But for those with busy lifestyles and an expanding, demanding families to cater to, it can also be a chaotic place. Hence, the importance of space maximization and organization.

Built-in appliances play a critical role to achieve efficient use of space and time. A spacious, functional and stylish kitchen lays the foundation for a happy home.

5 Benefits of built-in kitchen appliances

  • Built-in is beautiful

Let’s face it, built-in simply looks better. They are designed to blend seamlessly with modular kitchens without being overpowering. Unlike a free standing cooker, for example, it causes a truncation to what would otherwise be the continuous flow of the cabinet design & worktop.

  • Space Saving

The worldwide trend of urbanization resulted in a smaller space available to per person; space utilization has become a very important issue. Built-in appliances are clever in maximizing countertop & floor space in any kitchen. Take for example a microwave oven. A free-standing microwave plonked on the countertop occupies useful (and expensive) space that could have been used for food preparation. On the other hand, a built-in microwave tucks neatly into your kitchen cabinet revealing only the door and control panel which are really the only interface you need. True, a free standing microwave cost less to buy but the countertop space it occupies is worth far more.

  • Latest Tech

The free-stand kitchen appliance is a sunset industry for manufacturers so, in recent years, the lion’s share for investment into research & development is allocated to built-in products. One can, therefore, expect to find the latest electronic technology, materials, manufacturing techniques & most importantly safety & energy saving standards being featured in built-in products. At built-in appliances are, therefore, your best insurance against obsolescence.

  • Ergonomic

Bending over to check on the turkey roast? With built-in, your oven can installed at any level of your preference not just for convenience but safety (little tots are endlessly curious & impatient when something is baking). The oven may not necessarily be located under the cooktop but any cabinet as you like.

  • Flexibility

Mix and match galore! With built-in appliances, you are no longer confined to a particular oven that comes with the cooktop. You may have a different cooktop or even a different combination of cooktops and match it with your preferred oven that could be a high-end model or simply a budget one depending on your cooking habits. When it is time for replacement, again, it can be done piecemeal but in a free standing cooker, the entire set needs to be replaced.

Best Options Money can Buy

Newmatic built-in appliances are mainly designed for luxury and high-end kitchens and discerning homeowners. They offer clean lines and luxury style you just can’t reach with more affordable, stand-alone designs.

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