Gnfei Technology Inspires Coffee Shops to be More Creative with their Coffee Printers

The coffee printer introduced by the company allows printing creative images on the surface of a cup of coffee for a coffee shop to impress its customers and grow the business.

When a cup of coffee is served with a beautiful image on the top layer of the coffee, it can impress customers. Many coffee shops around the world are using coffee printers to lure their customers, and it proves helpful in getting repeat customers. Gnfei Technology now offers coffee printers and coffee machines that could be an excellent promotional tool for coffee shops to draw the attention of the customers. These coffee printers use edible inks and it takes hardly a few seconds to print on the surface of a cup of coffee.

Gnfei Technology Inspires Coffee Shops to be More Creative with their Coffee Printers

The spokesperson of the company talks about the salient features of their coffee printer. According to him, this printer comes with a touchscreen for fast and easy operability. There is no need to connect the printer to a computer, laptop or any other device. One can print directly from the screen or may use a mobile phone for sending images directly. The printing software is installed in the touchscreen itself, and it is ready for printing. It will work as a standalone machine and this delivers faster output. At the same time, one needs not to have an ample space to use the printer. One can use this printer from a small coffee making table or desk itself. With an inkjet printer head, it may take from 10 to 30 seconds in printing one cup of coffee.

The company’s coffee ripples can print texts, images or patterns directly on the surfaces of coffee, milk shakes, chocolate, beer and other beverages. It can also print on biscuits, cookies and small size cakes. The ripple coffee print machine uses food grade edible ink only, which is safe for human consumption. It may require 10 seconds in printing an image of height 0-18cm in a print area of 11cm X 11cm on the surface of a beverage. The machine features an automatic operation and an automatic height control using the infrared ray. The company supplies the machine with one cartridge. The spokesperson states that one cartridge can print up to 600 cups of a beverage.

Gnfei Technology Inspires Coffee Shops to be More Creative with their Coffee Printers

According to the spokesperson, their coffee machine is very popular and is a hot-selling item. The printing machine is easy to use and comes with several adorable features. The machine is not bulky and one can use it without any computer. The printable images can be added to the machine using a mobile phone. One can just place the coffee cup into the machine, and it will print the selected image with a press of a button in just a few seconds. There is no need of any technical knowledge or training to operate the machine. One can easily import a customer’s image into the machine and can serve beverage with his/her image printed on it for an impressive presentation. The software installed in the machine can automatically detect the surface of the beverage for printing.  The company ships this coffee printing machine with one filled cartridge. However, one can place orders for the extra number of cartridges by paying the extra cost.

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