Enhancing Data Transmission Speed with MWD Kit by Vertex

Within eight years, Vertex Downhole has successfully established itself as a pioneer of oilfield technology in the Energy industry. The company started with a vision to bring next-level MWD technology to the industry. And so far, with its field ready MWD system, Vertex has succeeded in providing the best to the industry.

MWD systems by Vertex have been used by over 30 operators in 10 countries around the world and have been hailed for its high-quality performance. The system is rated to 175° C, with revolutionized rotary connectors that increase efficiency on multiple levels, and have a retrievable system using a patented lockdown Muleshoe that is configurable for release. Developed with advanced data capturing technologies, this system has the highest positive pulse data rates available for independent directional drilling companies. Over time, the MWD system has improved and engineered with efficiency as a focus. According to the operators using the system, it offers the highest data rates and LCM tolerance in its class. The ease with which it can be operated and its reduced operating cost are increasing its popularity in the industry.

Since inception, Vertex has expanded across Calgary, Houston and West Texas with its footprints now gaining ground throughout the Eastern Hemisphere with a strong emphasis in China, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Vertex being led by technology enthusiasts and industry Principals that are constantly ahead of the technology curve.  After multiple triumphs in untested waters with the fleet of tools that Vertex has, the company is going to the next level by focusing on enhancing efficiencies and adding new product lines that will allow operators to keep saving time and money.

The company has a strong and experienced team of industry professionals. The Vertex team is on a continuous mission to develop new technologies and explore new ways of improving existing downhole technologies. Providing world-class experience through its products and services has helped the company create a strong clientele across the world. Some of its major clients include Halliburton Globally, Compass Oil Services, BP OMAN, Al Mansoori Directional Drilling, Viking International Directional Drilling, and NEWSCO Saudi.

Vertex consistently strives to offer a world-class experience to its clients. At Vertex, the team believes that retaining a happy customer is the only marketing strategy they would invest in. This is why they leave no stone unturned while manufacturing their range of products. The margin of inaccuracy is next to nil because the experts cross-check all the finished ranges. After such deep layers of quality checks, the products delivered by the company are highly efficient and risk-free.

The easy to maintain, operate and assemble Vertex MWD system has created a large following in this field. Advancing from here would only take the company towards greater success and an increased client base. The upcoming technologies and products of Vertex will take the company closer towards hitting its larger goal which is integrating all legacy systems in the market.  This will establish Vertex as a trailblazer of innovation and technology in today’s MWD/LWD market.

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