Recon Roofing Celebrates Over 35 Years Of Jupiter Roof Repair Services

Recon Roofing Celebrates Over 35 Years Of Jupiter Roof Repair Services
Recon Roofing, family-owned and -operated, has over thirty-five years of experience providing excellent Jupiter roof repair services. They take pride in being able to assist with all Jupiter roofing needs.

JUPITER, FL – Dec 4, 2019 – Licensed and insured, Recon Roofing has provided honest services for over thirty-five years. Delivering their special brand of Jupiter roof repair services to all of Palm Beach County, they have maintained an outstanding rating online. This puts them far ahead of the competition.

They continue to deliver with services that can maintain the life of your roof from beginning to end. This means they can install a brand-new roof, assist with maintaining it, and then replacing it when the lifetime is complete.

It typically takes 25 years for a roof to lose its protective qualities and it’s time for a new one. With proper maintenance, Jupiter roofing clients can sometimes squeeze a few extra years out of it. Not to mention, with the professional services Recon provides, clients have the option to improve the internal life of their building.

For both commercial and residential properties, Recon Roofing has innovative processes and materials that can increase the reflectivity and waterproofing of the roof. Waterproofing, of course, can extend the lifetime of the roof by avoiding unnecessary retaining of water leading to water damage. Reflectivity is what bounces the heat from the sun off the roof rather than absorbing it and sending it straight into the building. With certain coatings, clients can knock up to 50 degrees off the surface temperature of their roofs. This means that less heat is allowed inside, thus lowering energy costs. This is a great opportunity for both residential and commercial property owners.

Another thing to consider when keeping up with a roof is normal wear and tear. Again, people usually get 25 working years out of a roof. This is due to the elements outside that can cause damage to things like the shingles and the drain pipes that safely guide water and debris away to a location for dumping. Recon Roofing offers a service they call a “tune-up” in which they come to inspect all of this and more. They fix any loose nails and shingles, replace any missing parts, tighten up things around the drains, and even unclog the gutters. This no longer has to be a dreaded chore around the house. 

About the Company

Locally operated out of Jupiter, FL, Recon Roofing’s owners have over thirty-five years of experience with Jupiter roof repair. They are passionate about helping people in southern Florida keep a strong and healthy roof over their heads. This is how the keep providing five-star service for every client they encounter.

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