Kevin Vieira Reveals What It Really Takes To Build An Online Business

Las Vegas, NV – The answer is simple… Find a need and fill it.

For those who are just getting started, the misconception is that you have to find a product first and a market second. But the most effective method is to identify a group of people searching for an answer to a problem, but can’t seem to find an effective solution.

Serial entrepreneur Kevin Vieira made his first 6 figures at only 16 years old from one of his earlier online business opportunities and since then he has done more than 30 million dollars in B2C sales for his clients and has clearly made his mark in the online marketing world. Kevin has made it his purpose in life to help as many people as possible build impactful, successful, and scalable brands. But for any of those who have attempted to build an online business on their own, you’ve probably been faced with a number of obstacles.

Many strategies that previously worked are outdated now due to consumer adaptation but Kevin didn’t let this shift slow him down, in fact, he’s used this expansion to modernize his approach to creating a successful online presence. In this web-driven world, everyone knows you need a website for your business but Kevin’s found a non-traditional method that is easy to build and will guide visitors through the sales process ensuring that you get more sales than you would on a normal webpage.

This new process that Kevin has so much confidence in involves the use of his mentor Russell Brunson’s software known as ClickFunnels. Kevin states “sales funnels are critical… just because you build a website for your business doesn’t mean that people will buy from you, you’ll probably just confuse visitors, allowing them to get lost and leave.” Kevin’s foolproof system involves designing a sales funnel that nurtures a potential buyer through 7 different phases that qualifies them in every step and ensures that they’ll convert to happy customers.

As the founder of CONCXRD – an internet marketing agency responsible for paid traffic, lead generation, email marketing, and other forms of digital execution, Kevin is extremely well versed in all realms related to internet marketing, sales, and advertising. But the secret behind his success isn’t solely because he has some sort of special knowledge… Kevin has dedicated his life to making a massive impact and his work is a clear representation of that.

Growing your business doesn’t have to be strenuous. It actually can be the most rewarding work you ever do. Kevin’s services cover everything you need to scale your business to new heights. Whether you’re juggling the idea of starting something new or you’ve been around the block in the business world, Kevin’s team can deliver the results you need to grow and have the best web experience. But working with Kevin can help you in more areas than just making a positive ROI, you’ll also gain better customer outreach skills and learn to spot new potential earning opportunities. And fortunately, Kevin’s team has already done all the hard labor so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy all the notifications pouring in of new customer opportunities.

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