VFXJOSH Takes World by Storm as the Hottest Up-and-Coming Visual Effects Artist and Director

VFXJOSH’s most recent work includes Marvel Strike Force, The Beach Show, and DuckTales.

Honolulu, HawaiiVFXJOSH, also known as Josh Holly, is rapidly taking the world by storm as one of the hottest up-and-coming visual effects artists and directors in Hollywood. 

Born in 1994, Holly was raised by a single mother in South Central, Los Angeles.  During his childhood, he was diagnosed with ADHD and ultimately placed in a special education class.  As a result, Holly was ridiculed and mocked by even his closest friends and siblings. 

“Growing up was difficult for me,” says Holly.  “I wanted desperately to fit in, but because I was teased so mercilessly, it was difficult to maintain friendships.  Ultimately, I ended up staying indoors most of the time and kept to myself.”

During his isolation, Holly discovered a passion for photography at an early age.  Using his mother’s camera, Holly would take pictures of his toys, and adjust their position after every frame.  After uploading these images to a computer, Holly quickly and efficiently learned how to make short videos of the images he captured, using a technique called Stop Motion.  This was all by the age of 8 years old.

“By the time I was a teenager, I had mastered programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Avid, and Adobe After Effects,” states Holly.  “I purchased my own camera and became our school’s photographer and video creator/editor, creating our senior video for the class of 2012.  It was such an incredible experience to finally be recognized by my peers for my talents.”

With his keen interest, in-depth knowledge, and practical experience, Holly began his foray into serious filmmaking during his freshman year in college, writing and directing short films.  In 2013, for example, Holly was offered a position in Los Angeles’ 48 Hour Project as a VFX artist.

“During my experience with the 48 Hour Project, I was able to work with well-experienced filmmakers who taught me the ropes of the industry,” Holly says.  “From that point on, I changed my major from Art to CTVA and began immersing myself wherever possible.”

Since then, Holly has re-branded himself officially as VFXJOSH and has had tremendous success in the visual effects industry, including:

  • Worldstar and YouTube – “Lil Snupe ft. Boosie – Meant 2 Be” – over 14 million views
  • Professional work with the world’s top production companies, including Warner Brothers, CBS Sports Network, and Disney Godzilla vs King Kong, DuckTales, Resurrect, The Beach Show, Marvel Strike Force (video game stuntman), Don’t Look, and more.

Joshua chose his name “VFXJOSH” due to his skills in post-production and visual effects.  Josh became really inspired by director Michael Bay, as he tried to follow in his footsteps by making action-packed epic films.

VFX used his social media presence, along with help from his mentors from ICF, to land a job at Technicolor, The Mill.  This was by far the best fit for Josh, as the company specialized in visual effects in the commercial and movie industry.

VFXJOSH became the official Mo-Cap Actor for performances for multiple MCU characters like Captain America, Drax the Destroyer, Ultimate Elektra, and Main Character The Pilot. In Marvel Strike, VFX became the first of African American actor to play the role of Captain America. The commercial aired on nation television across the world and uploaded on YouTube for total of 81 million views, breaking the Internet.

Josh was contacted by friends and family after his viral sensation, as they were astonished as to how a college dropout, who was once homeless and in special education, got a chance to be a part of Disney’s Marvel.

For more information about VFXJOSH, please visit his official web page at https://www.vfxjosh.com/, on IMDb at https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6103135/, or on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/vfxjosh/?hl=en.


VFXJOSH, born Joshua Holly, is a Hollywood visual effects artist and director.  He was raised in Los Angeles and currently lives in Hawaii. 

VFXJOSH is incredibly passionate about visual effects, acting, directing, and producing high quality and captivating video.

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