Free Moving Quotes – Learn Everything That’s Needed Which Most Moving Companies Don’t Disclose

Free Moving Quotes - Learn Everything That\'s Needed Which Most Moving Companies Don\'t Disclose

Moving Me Professional Moving Company who provides the citizens of America free moving quotes and the best moving tips & advice.
We have prepared this article in the hopes it will provide you with all the important information you need to know about moving quotes that most moving companies don’t disclose to clients.

What to Know about Moving Quote

Moving Me offers Free Moving Quotes all around the USA operating particularly from NYC and New Jersey. We are grateful to provide you with all types of relocation services for any move from Residential, Local, Long Distance, Coast to Coast or Interstate.

The experience that we have allows us to work individually to make sure that you spend less than anywhere else. It makes sense to get a quote or estimate before making your final choice to prevent a surprising bill. A team of professionals inspects your home in person for you to receive the most accurate quote.

Our company is eager to provide you with all the necessary information over the phone or online. We are always open and honest with clients and tell you the truth about moving fees and additional costs. We explain to you all the differences between limited value and full value protection moving insurance. We take care of the job we do and provide a full inventory list of everything we are going to pack and move.

Our licensed and bonded moving helpers offer reliable help at affordable prices. We want our customers to have the best experience when moving.

Believe us, moving can be tough, but we are here for you to make it safe, affordable and efficient! As moving companies are bound by the information on your written estimate the point of a mover’s quote is to provide you with the final cost of your move.

Moving Estimates Are Divided Into:

• Binding moving estimate: If the mover gives you a binding estimate, it remains fixed during the course of the move. You will pay as much as you have planned if you only move the items mentioned on the inventory list.

• Non-binding moving estimate: The non-binding moving estimate is not a guaranteed or contracted price of your move. The final price of your move according to non-binding moving estimate is based on the inventory and services you discussed with the company. Be ready to pay extra for any remaining charges later. But, moving company cannot require you to pay more than 110%, so it is in the company’s interest to be accurate.

• Binding-not-to-exceed moving estimate: A binding-not-to-exceed estimate is pretty much similar to a binding estimate that is fixed. But…  The less you weigh, the less you pay.

Getting Moving Quotes Short Plan:

• Consider your moving date

• Choose companies that charge based on weight

• Get an estimate based on inspection

• Get an accurate inventory list

• Do not sign blank documents

Moving Fees and Additional Costs

It is not a secret that moving companies charge for additional services. You should talk to your Moving Company about all the services they’ll provide and how much you are supposed to pay extra. Be sure the mover includes everything required in a written estimate and a quote they provide. 

Additional services:

• Packing

• Large items

• Stairs

• Long carry service

• Shuttle service

• Tips

Limited Value vs. Full Value Protection Moving Insurance

There are three possible types of insurance coverage the mover will provide you with:

• Full-value protection moving insurance: Movers are obliged to pay for a damaged item or replace it with full-value protection moving insurance. 

• Limited-value moving insurance: Talk to your mover and read all the documents to understand their protection plan as limited-value coverage is built on the weight of the things you are going to move.

• Third-party insurance: This type of coverage is a form of liability insurance. With this coverage, your moving company will still compensate you for up to 60 cents per pound of damaged property.

Remember, when you’re moving across state lines you should follow particular laws and regulations.

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