ZB.com Launches New Mobile App V4.0

Digital assets exchange delivers major social trading functionality.

Singapore – The world’s first community based social trading platform for digital assets was launched by ZB.com this week. Offering a new vision and design, Version 4.0 of the ZB App includes eight entirely new features and more than sixty UX improvements.

In a first, ZB App now includes a robust messenger service that enables users to build friend lists, organize their own public and private groups, and directly send and receive cryptocurrencies via gift packets. These features enhance the user experience by providing exciting new possibilities. Now ZB users are empowered to not just trade their digital assets in relative solitude, but instead, connect with one another, directly sharing knowledge and ideas. 

Upgrades extend beyond new social functions to also include powerful trading features. The newly automated borrowing function makes margin trading more efficient and the new fiat currency trading feature enables users to buy and sell fiat within just one step. “Our engineers went into this with the specific target of building the most modern, intuitive user experience possible,” said Jesse Johnson, ZB Director of Business Development, while speaking at the official launch event in Singapore.

Partners and the Singapore blockchain community celebrated the launch together with ZB.com

The ZB App also includes over sixty more improvements. Users can now enjoy improved visual options such as night mode, refined trading tools like the new K-line interface, and better multi-tasking with quick left/right swiping between windows.

Highlights for the ZB App V4.0 includes:

  • 8+ major new features
  • 60+ improvements
  • A powerful new social messenger
  • Ability to send and receive digital asset gift packets
  • Margin trading enhancements
  • One-step fiat currency trading
  • Improved account assets display
  • New trading interface with easy swiping between screens

ZB App V4.0 is available for download now at https://www.zb.com/download.

Easy on the eyes, ZB App V4.0 offers a beautiful new user interface. 


About ZB.com

ZB.com is the flagship exchange of ZB Group and one of the world’s longest running and most trusted digital asset trading platforms. Established in 2013, ZB customers have enjoyed over six years of secure trading.

The exchange proudly applies the industry’s strictest listing standards to deliver a highly curated user experience. Less than 100 projects have ever listed ZB.com. This is balanced with efforts to be first listing the absolute most innovative projects. For example, ZB was the first in Asia to list ETH and EOS, and strives to continue this tradition of excellence. All the tools a sophisticated trader expects including margin trading, OTC, crypto loans and more are available on the platform. ZB.com is your home for asset security, deep liquidity, and opportunity.

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