The Italian premier Mr. Conte aims to focus on cybersecurity. The Israeli DeceptiveBytes and TAG-distribution help Italy to face the challenge.

“Technology is a central part of our management systems, it is fundamental in the production processes of companies both in the manufacturing arena and the tech arena.” Recently, during a press conference, even the Italian premier Giuseppe Conte has focused the spotlight on the total backwardness of our defense systems against cybercriminals in the face of an exponential growth of innovative systems that have brought software and technology where before they harbored development and organization systems belonging to the last century. Both Europeans and our systems must keep pace with the advancing world, but as Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte recalled, “We need a change of cultural paradigm that focuses on prevention, because IT security must not be perceived as a cost or a critical issue, but as an investment. We need to encourage a snap of kidneys, a qualitative leap”.

A thesis also supported by the management of the Israeli company DeseptiveBytes (, which has been developing the most innovative solution regarding the “deceptive technology” and their partner in Italy: TAG-distribution ( TAG, with its Israeli management team, represents the Italian headquarter of a few innovative Israeli companies developing cyber-security suites and often is called to provide opinions, analysis and approaches to fight the national cyber crime for banks, public administration and big enterprises.

The threats are not lacking, indeed: they increase day after day. The Microsoft security team believes that increasingly destructive BlueKeep attacks are on the horizon and urges both users and companies to apply the patches if not yet done. The company’s warning comes after security researchers detected the first malware campaign that armed the BlueKeep vulnerability.

The attacks used BlueKeep to break into Windows systems without patches and install “cryptocurrency miner”.

This is just an example. Nowadays the cyber attacks are no longer fast and low damage. Indeed, they last more than 200 days because this the necessary average time needed to discover an attack. Antiviruses and firewalls are no useful anymore. New defence systems are necessary and DeceptiveBytes represents the future today.

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