Revolutionary plate on Kickstarter allows cutting and eating food independently with just one hand

Onehandplate by Frau Kettner is a unique plate which is strategically designed to  cut and eat food independently with just one functional hand and without any assist. 

A ray of hope for those who struggle to eat with one hand due to limited mobility. Berlin-based product design company Frau Kettner has recently launched a next-generation plate on Kickstarter that allows users to cut and eat food independently with just one hand. Aptly titled “Onehandplate”, the plate is poised to give confidence and motivation in people who have a hard time while eating due to limited mobility.

The star of the innovative plate is its strategically placed cylinder peg arrangement that help to clamp and hold the food tight while users slice or cut them into pieces. As the cylinder pegs hold the food tight, users don’t need to use another hand to hold the food while cutting with the functional hand. Onehandplate is thoughtfully designed to help people with special needs to cut, eat and enjoy food unassisted and completely on their own.

“Onehandplate was a part of the university project which was developed to help people with one functional hand to cut and eat food independently. The whole idea here is to make lives easier for people who suffer from limited mobility issues. If you know someone dear who is suffering from hemiplegia or fracture or some other issue that has affected one of their hands to the point of being immovable, our innovative plate will make life wee better for them”, stated Marie Ruddeck, a young dynamic industrial designer, co-founder of Frau Kettner and the lady behind Onehandplate.

Marie got the inspiration to design Onehandplate after seeing her friend’s father struggling to eat due to illness. He was down with hemiplegia due to a stroke which compelled him to ask for help while cutting and eating food. His sorry state motivated Marie to utilize her industrial design background to design a unique plate that will help people with limited mobility to cut and eat food independently. Thus, Onehandplate was born. On course of her journey, Marie met another spirited individual, Marcel, and together they decided to bring Onehandplate in the market through Frau Kettner.

Major state-of-the-art features of Onehandplate:

  • High back edge for shoveling up smaller pieces of food on the plate
  • Sauce Slope for easy pick-up of liquids
  • Low front edge assures more space on the plate for cutting
  • 2 narrow cylinders for fixating food for peeling, slicing or spreading
  • Silicone ring at the bottom assures stable hold
  • Slip-resistant as well as easily stackable due to unique design
  • Made from Melamine which is BPA-free, food-safe, scratch & break-resistant, durable and dishwasher-safe
  • Sustainable packaging included 

“Onehandplate is the first ever plate that helps people with limited ability to cut, spread and eat food independently with just one functional hand. There is no other product in the market that could make people with special needs become self-reliant while eating. However, such a revolutionary project demands robust financial backup and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will help us to bring Onehandplate to more people with limited mobility and make lives wee better for them.”

Backers will be rewarded with handy discounts on Onehandplate products. 

To support the campaign, visit their Kickstarter page

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