YOUKUAI Launches Its Plant-Based Z-Rou Meat in China

Shanghai, China – 6 Dec, 2019 – A cutting edge plant-based meat brand Z-Rou Meat(株肉)has officially launched in China and begins delivering the delicious, wholesome plant-based “meat” to mainstream restaurants. In conjunction, Z-Rou Meat(株肉) also announces a partnership with plant-based advocacy group Vegans of Shanghai.

Z-Rou Meat(株肉) is made with 100% plant ingredients including non-GMO soybeans, shitake, Konjac as well as coconut oil, to create the mouthwatering flavor, aroma and texture of pork without compromising taste, texture and quality of the protein. YOUKUAI, the Shanghai-based company behind Z-Rou Meat(株肉), is a trusted plant-based supplier focused on developing and serving plant-based products to consumers world-wide. Their products are designed to be tasty, nutritious, safe, and accessible with only a tiny fraction of impact on the environment. YOUKUAI’s commitment to the taste, quality and plant alternative leads the vision in the future of the global food industry.

Plant-based meat is not a new concept however. With a society linked to Buddhism, China possesses centuries of consuming imitation meat dishes. Historically, the impression of a vegan was someone associated with piety or ethical consumption. As such, a social divide existed between meat eaters and vegans. This social divide however is blurring for a number of reasons. According to a report on*, China’s meat consumption accounts for 28% of global consumption but can only produce a fourth of the meat it consumes. For years, the tremendous environmental impact of livestock has been highlighted and criticized. Additionally, the health risk of excessive meat intake is another concern.

As a result, demand for culinary alternatives that appeals to meat eaters, provides health benefits and is environmentally low impact has surged around the world. Restaurants are catching on that their customers are looking for delicious food alternatives that allow all different eaters to sit together at the table.

Arising out of market demands and continuing the tradition of the Zen spirit, Z-Rou Meat(株肉)offers an inspiring solution with crave-able plant-based meat to enrich the experience in the kitchen. Its principle is to continuously bring updated cuisine ideas to clients as well as reducing the environmental footprint. Avid foodies in Shanghai now can have revolutionary new food explorations with this innovative type of “meat” in a few locations. Z-Rou Meat(株肉) with Pie Society had a themed community event on Thanksgiving Day, organized by Vegans of Shanghai, a perfect occasion to introduce the new type of “meat” to this new market.

Thanks to overwhelming consumer support, more restaurants will soon be putting Z-Rou Meat(株肉)on their menus. The Founder of Z-Rou Meat(株肉), Franklin Yao expressed his excitement on the great launch: “It’s with great pleasure and gratefulness that we can launch Z-Rou Meat(株肉) on Thanksgiving, in Shanghai and to the Vegan community. The Vegan community is an example to the world of how not to do harm with their food choices; and we want to empower the community to continue this mission with better and tastier food options. Our plant-based meat is something that this community, China, and the world is craving right now and we take our responsibility to make (株肉) available seriously.”

“Vegans of Shanghai has an ambitious goal of increasing plant-based options in hundreds of restaurants in the city. We are thrilled and excited to have an equally motivated partner, YOUKUAI, who will help in making our 2020 Impact Project a reality”, said Eve Samyuktha, the Founder of Vegans of Shanghai and Plant Based Consulting.

As an important part of the brand strategy, Z-Rou Meat(株肉)is actively working on collaborations with world-class chefs. Celebrity Chef and Social Influencer David Laris also felt excited and motivated by the progress: “It’s absolutely great to see more plant-based products and companies thrive and set foot into the China market. I’m glad to see such high-quality plant-based meat to become an increasingly important part of the local dining scene and Chinese food culture”.

More information will be revealed soon.

Source: “China Can Only Produce a Fourth of the Meat It Eats. Impossible Foods Has a Plan for That”:

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