Swiss AR Lab: AR game is the way to create a new world and the value of future society

Recently, an AR game named ARWorld is highly acclaimed and continues to flourish in the marketplace, arising heated discussion.

The game creator Swiss ARWORLD Lab is beginning to come to light. In a demo, ARWORLD Lab presented a new AR puzzle technology—intelligent puzzle and dynamic puzzle. It can learn to recognize objects without human supervision. The system initiates from zero, learning and analyzing millions of random unlabelled images, classifying them as building, flowers, etc.

ARWORLD Lab describes the AR game as one of the ways to create a new world and a deep and long term research.

“We all know that AR is more than a technology existing in virtual. It should be integrated into our daily life so that we can touch it. ”Andrew Miller, the head of AR research office in ARWROLD Lab said, “we have broken through the technological limitations, applied AR game to mobile terminals, and created ARWorld, allowing people to participate in AR anytime, anywhere, and building the world with blocks. Retailers are also involved. All of this has created ARWorld ecosystem. Users and retailers are creating more and more possibilities, from the economic environment to geography and humanities, providing many reference directions for our future research.”

In ARWorld, virtual interaction has become a reality, which provides new possibilities for AR development through games.

Shota Miura, the head of the ARWORLD Lab Chiyoda R & D Center, Tokyo, also emphasized that the new world created by the AR game is more than a product concept of ARWORLD Lab. In other words, “It’s the mission of ARWORLD Lab and the value to explore the future society.”

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