CSCEC New Administrative Capital CBD Project (P4)l in Egypt and Abdel Wahab Motawea primary plant a tree of friendship

Cairo has a tropical desert climate and sparse vegetation, so the project donated some saplings to the school. The volunteers took the children to plant a small tree, and the children were very enthusiastic in participating, helping to dig, shovel, lift trees, and water, and were very happy. After planting the tree, the volunteers sent a small tag to each of the children to let them write their dreams on the tag.

Some of the children’s dreams were to become doctors, some to be pilots, some to be teachers, and some to be flight attendants. Another little girl said that she wanted to be an engineer, and she wanted to build a beautiful house for her parents in the future. Volunteers helped the children attach the listing to a row of small trees that they planted, which meant that the children could grow as strong as these small trees. Grow up and realize your dreams soon.

Subsequently, the volunteers and their children drew a Sino-Egyptian friendship painting on the campus culture wall. On the right is the Great Wall of China and the giant panda, on the left is the pyramid and camel of Egypt, connected by two small trees in the middle. The children dipped their five-color paint in their hands and bounced down the handprints as leaves of small trees on the wall, completing this painting, which symbolized the friendship between China and Egypt and the dream of the children.

In the end, with the cooperation of the principal and teachers, the volunteers distributed coats, shoes, and stationery, etc., to some excellent children.

Children are like buds which will soon become flowers and will spread their fragrance in this world. On Universal Children’s Day, let’s give wings to our children and hand in hand to fuel their dreams with love.

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