Nicolas Tzenios approved to proceed for Clinical trial on Nic’s Keto Diet on cardiovascular health, plus revolutionary diet patent

Some could question, is Nicolas Tzenios a mysterious middle-aged scientist, a serious Businessman, or just a very hard-working post-grad student? Nicolas is swimming against the tides and by clinical science reversing some basic principles of Medicine.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) (The Canadian equivalent to the FDA) approved to proceed with Nicolas Tzenios Clinical trial. An Open-Label Study to Investigate the efficacy of Nic’s Keto Diet on cardiovascular health in healthy adults with mildly elevated LDL levels.

Nic is a Chairman of a small but serious Medical and Cancer research fund, a writer of a Diet book, a humble medical science researcher. Dr. Tzenios, woke up from years of hibernation to amaze the medical community with his Friendly LDL theory tests in a clinical trial in Canada now.

Nicolas is a former vice Rector of a State Medical University, believing that education is a nonstop lifelong journey. Nicolas is back to the benches of the university, studying post-Doctoral, Postgraduate High impact cancer certificate at Harvard Medical School. (While following executive courses in 3 different faculties).

In addition, Dr. Tzenios has also applied for a Patent for one of his revolutionary diet- health-related innovations.

A medical professional recently said:

“We have no doubts that Nic dreamt, planned, and is laborious stirring toward several goals. Some goals are distinctive regarding a healthier world, better diet, Medical Innovation, and hopefully, Cancer cures”.

One Goal seems to hide behind Nic’s dreaming eyes and focused mind. Nicolas has already won hearts with his Keto TV videos, plus gaining public respect with his clinical research protocol.

While it is difficult to predict, many are hoping he will become a candidate to win the ultimate prize – a ticket to that yearly special event in Stockholm.

Nic’s ideas already gained the attention of the Medical World, and many hope his research publications soon will positively change the World.

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