Influent Presence – International Ministry Is All Set To Change The World of Gaming

Influent Presence – International Ministry is all set to change the world of gaming by developing your Bible knowledge and uncover Biblical stories through animated gaming.

It has only been about one year that the International Ministry came up with Influent Presence – the approach which is most likely to amalgamate the peripheries of gaming with that of Biblical stories and much more. The fundamental concept ruling this venture is to immerse its users in an open world and environment that offers the privilege to explore Biblical events through an action role-playing narrative. Apart from that, this project also launched Solemn XII, a VR video game characterized by the action-adventure game only for adults. If you are looking forward to knowing more and explore the virtues sufficed by the Influent Presence of International Ministry, please visit

The ministry has already been allotted with a permanent position in history because of having been recognized wholly as a virtual ministry. It is going to use the scopes of Augmented and Virtual Reality as the chief mediums to promote the offerings of the Bible. Furthermore, the ministry’s mission is to establish that there lays an incomparable world of God that can be only understood by the ones who deliver a daunting will to learn about the same.

The team of experts responsible for devising the whole project comprises its founder Shamikia Gottlieb and who formerly worked as an advertising consultant and digital marketing analyst and is presently enrolled in the Women’s Entrepreneurship program at the Cornell University. She is accompanied by the co-founder and Chief Operations Officer G. David Gottlieb Junior, who earlier looked after the information technology and data analytics domain. With their combined efforts, the organization is aiming at transforming the conventional approach towards the Bible and thereby making it available for universal access. 

According to the founder of the International Ministry, Shamikia Gottlieb, “The uniqueness of the name of our ministry is deep-rooted in the definition of the term Influent which means to flow through and the significance of the spiritual component of our existence is what we allow to flow through us. Our motto addresses every individual question concerning the subjective matter of “What is your IP” as the answer derived from this would clarify the state of one’s influent presence.”

About Influent Presence:

Influent Presence is an International non-profit ministry that is wholly dedicated to the  prophecies of God and to deliver the Holy Word amongst people; the organization utilizes advanced technological mediums along with the implications of augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR) as an effort to popularize the gospels throughout nations.

In order to know more about this ministry, we asked a few questions from the teams involved in its various activities.

Q. What inspired you to spread sayings of the bible throughout the world in such a creative way?

A. In 2018 I had a vision about Chinese explorer Zheng He. Upon researching his life, I discovered the Mao Kun map which would help me derive the inspiration for our project, Solemn XII. The layout of this map was simple, but unique and used as a travel guide for Zheng He’s explorations. I began to foresee from this map how we could bring Bible scriptures to life through gaming. I also created our ministry to be a virtual presence in the video game and to serve as an active voice for God and connect to individuals whenever possible. Most importantly, I believe discovering the Bible through action-role playing gameplay can be an effective way of bringing individuals closer to God’s message. Because now individuals can learn and experience it for themselves first-hand.

Q. How do you value the presence of spiritual components in your life?

A. Christian life representation is the primary factor and actively reading my Bible and praying to continually connect with God. By submitting my life to God, it shows that I value him and acknowledge him as my primary source. I honor my relationship with God and recognize the value that he has placed on me and all others.

Q. How, according to your experience, technologies can play an important role in delivering words of God?

A. Technologies are always evolving and shaping the way we perform at work and in how we live our lives. As a former marketer, I’m very familiar with AI and how it’s used to optimize campaigns for advertisers to achieve a higher ROI through greater customer acquisition. As a result, technology can improve content and deliver a greater experience for the customer. Individuals are actively using their mobile phones to read the Bible, performing online searches to find reliable sources to obtain a richer understanding of the Bible. With Influent Presence VR, we connect individuals to Biblical content with advanced technology solutions. Our structured approach to learning and development involves the use of interactive media and virtual technology to deepen an individual’s knowledge of, and connection to the Bible. Our definitive method of teaching Bible doctrine through gaming provides an educational and wholistic gaming experience for adults.

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