Grand Gift Giving this Holiday Season

Omaha, Nebraska – December 6, 2019 – During this holiday season, are you feeling stuck on what gifts to give your grandparents? There are only so many ties that you can send or gift cards that are so impersonal. So where does that leave you in your gift-giving choices?

On top of the stress of the season, the pressure seems to add up for parents trying to find a special gift for their parents which means something. They seem to have everything they need already and if they need it, they buy it for themselves. 

According to Redbook magazine[1], in 2018 the top gifts for grandparents included items such as the Amazon Echo, a coffee mug, a birdhouse, even a trinket dish, and a few personalized items. Though the personalized items are great, including a family picture tree, quite a few items seem to slip through the cracks and are forgotten within a few months.

Then handling family separation during the holiday season can be rough for both sets. Even though applications such as Facetime and Skypecan keep us closer to the holidays, keeping the children in front of the screen for any length of time is not always possible and the virtual visits can seem rushed. Even though the seniors are adopting more technology than they have in the past, one-third of adults 65 and older admit to not using the internet[2]. This limits the access they have to their grandchildren if they don’t live close by.

These are just some of the issues that GrandBox is working to fix. GrandBox started their personal subscription boxes in 2014 specifically designed with grandparents in mind and they keep getting better. The concept is quite unique as each box can be personalized with up to date photos of your family included in the box along with a selection of gifts for the season.

Think about your parent(s) receiving a box that has recent pictures of their grandchildren included so they can start sharing it with their friends right away. Though the digital age and cell phones are common in communication, these pictures will surely be treasured along with the gifts associated with them. The stress of choosing the correct gift has been eliminated. 

The best part is that you can remind the grandparents that you are thinking about them throughout the year. You receive a reminder before your box is due to be sent out and you can send current pictures of your children to be included in the box! Other than the personalized pictures, they add a personalized touch to the boxes, with a team that is constantly on the look out for great items that are sure to be appreciated by your loved ones when they receive it. 

As one of their happy clients, John S., explained it, “My mom LOVES her GrandBox and was on the verge of tears, it meant so much to her. GrandBox impacts people’s lives no matter how far apart you are. Thank you!”

These gift boxes are truly unique and special. They take away the stress and hassle of coming up with a clever idea for your children’s grandparents while still making the gift have a personal touch.

To find out more about GrandBox and how they can make your holiday season less stressful with a personalized box just for your parents, you can visit their website at

[1] Alcedo, Madison, and Madison Alcedo. “15 Gifts for Grandparents That Will Warm Their Hearts.” Redbook, 21 June 2018,

[2] Anderson, Monica, and Andrew Perrin. “Tech Adoption Climbs Among Older Americans.” Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech, Pew Research Center, 8 Dec. 2017,

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