Makes Announcement For Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones In A Truck Accident Makes Announcement For Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones In A Truck Accident shared important information about how Missourians who have lost loved ones in a truck accident can seek compensation. The company said it made the announcement as a public service to those who have experienced devastating loss.

St. Louis, MO – Dec 8, 2019 – shared tips for Missouri residents who have lost a loved one in a truck accident. According to, truck accidents in Missouri are often fatal.  Victims’ families are left with funeral expenses, loss of income, and the emotional pain of losing a loved one. stated that truck accident lawsuits in Missouri can help compensate for damages and losses. The company advised Missourians who have lost a loved one in a truck accident to contact an experienced attorney who can handle the case. A list of Missouri truck accident lawyers is located on the company website. statted that the reason truck accidents are so often fatal is the size of the vehicles involved: commercial trucks can be 30 times larger than an average car. The company said that trucking companies in Missouri must follow strict safety regulations that are intended to prevent fatal truck accidents from happening. According to, commercial trucking companies often fail to meet these requirements. Truck drivers in Missouri often commit traffic violations, including speeding, aggressive driving, failing to stop at a stop sign or traffic signal, and even driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. mentioned that anyone who has lost a loved one as a result of a traffic violation on the part of a trucking company should contact a truck accident lawyer, found under truck accident lawyers on the website. stated that fatal truck accidents also result from industry safety violations, including driver inexperience, overloading trucks, failure to perform regular vehicle maintenance, and overworked drivers. indicated that such violations also constitute negligence on the part of the trucking company.

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