CCL Unanimously Selects Turmeric Powder as Best Spice for Both Keto and Paleo Diet

CCL Has Awarded Turmeric Powder as Best Spice for Both Keto and Paleo Diet. In celebration of this yearly choice, it is giving away it’s best seller Turmeric Secrets for Health & Beauty during its winter sale.

Coconut Country Living (CCL) has honored turmeric powder with its best spice award this year for showing its effectiveness for its ketogenic benefits, from its thermogenic nature to increase metabolic rate and raise core body temperature, and for its easy incorporation with other ketogenic foods, including coconut oil, black pepper, and avocado.

Once a year keto friendly superfoods company Coconut Country Living gives this special award to the stand out food that is helping its customers most. Those who have reported their results from CCL’s Organic Turmeric powder have given raving testimonials about what this spice has done for their lives, and thus the staff at CCL have selected it as this year’s winner.

The owner and staff has picked out turmeric as the true “super spice” because of its consistent performance with its many health benefits, including its natural anti-inflammatory effect against chronic conditions, its antioxidant capacity, brain boosting abilities, and help for the heart health. and its applications for beauty, including replacing toxic and polluting products containing microbeads and carcinogens, including toothpastes, face, skin and nail care. Its wide application made it a sure choice because even those who do not cook find important uses with their turmeric. These are all qualities Coconut Country Living holds in especially high regard when picking a preferred spice for customers.

Coconut Country Living selects its best spice for the keto or paleo diet because it believes the most important element in its business after it’s customers is to give those customers the very highest quality ingredients that are good long term solutions to their health and beauty needs.

Michael DiSalvo, Owner of Coconut Country Living said: “Many companies overlook a spice like turmeric because it has been around so long. But with current developments and ongoing research, there is no doubt that turmeric is the preferred spice for those seeking health and beauty. However, here at Coconut Country Living we also realize that with so many possible chemicals used in processing and raising of turmeric, it’s important that turmeric root is not only organically grown, but tested for heavy metals and pathogens. This is why we work to promote a healthy food supply and always test our turmeric so customers can take advantage of all it has to offer.

“This is a big reason we will continue to star our organic turmeric powder in many more promotions. It is a true superspice that adds warming flavor to food and drinks, but also accentuates beauty naturally while offering protective benefits. The hundreds of studies proving turmeric and curcumin’s benefits are simply overwhelming. Consumers simply need to be certain they are getting a quality turmeric and that they activate its bioactive compounds. Rather than relying on dangerous drugs like ibuprofen and methadone and polluting our oceans and drinking water with microbeads, is a great fit for young and old, whether your children love their turmeric milk, cauliflower tots, hot chocolate, or even homemade chocolate itself, or you are fixing a more “mature” dish like chicken curry, basmati rice, or spiced yellow dal. and is always willing to go the extra mile.”

“Coconut Country Living’s Organic Turmeric powder displays exactly what we stand for at Coconut Country Living…continually looking for ways for our customers to experience the healing powers of delicious food, in simple enjoyable ways.. We’re especially proud of Coconut Country Living’s Organic Turmeric powder for that. He’s a very deserving award winner.”

More information about Coconut Country Living and the Best spice for keto or paleo diet and winners of this award are available at The Coconut Country Living Store. Those interested in trying CCL’s award winning turmeric powder can get it until the New Year at a 30% discount during the “Celebrate Turmeric” promotion also get the free e-book of best selling turmeric hacks e-book either at the online store on Amazon.

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