Brazilian Aidukaitis behind top Brazilian athletes shining in US sports

Brazilian Aidukaitis behind top Brazilian athletes shining in US sports

Dom Aidukaitis (far left) after a training session with the Brazil Davis Cup team
By: Guilherme Dos Santos

Miami, FL Dom Ricardo Aidukaitis is the common denominator among top Brazilian athletes who have made the US their new home. Shining stars such as Kalil Macedo, Anderson Cardoso, Matheus Silva and Cesar Maria all credit Aidukaitis with training them and making them the success they are today. 

Coach Dom is the trainer you call when you want to increase performance and level of competitiveness,” said Cesar Maria a fromer Brazilian skeet athlete who today owns a multinational nutritional supplement company based out of Florida. 

“He takes athletes of any sport and conditions them to perform at the very best level using his own research-based strategies and routines,” adds Maria. 

Dom started his work as an athletic trainer focused on tennis and soccer players, but his reputation as a result-oriented trainer expanded across Brazil and across its sports industry making him one of the most sought out sports trainers of Brazil. Aidukaitis holds credentials from the prestigious Universidade Gama Filho and Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Yet, his most impressive credentials come from the long list of famous athletes he has trained not only in Brazil but across Latin America. 

“When I joined Millonarios one of our club’s main objectives was to get to the semifinals of the South American Cup. As captain, I knew I needed to play a key role in getting us there so I hired Brazilian trainer Aidukaitis to condition and train me. Ironically, it was my goal against Brazil’s Sao Paulo that clinched us to the semifinals for the first time in club history,” said Luis Zapata. Zapta plays for the Colorado Rapids in Major League Soccer. 

Matheus Silva is another MLS player who was trained under Aidukaitis. Silva played for the San Jose Earthquakes, Colorado Rapids, Orlando City FC and now Miami FC. 

“Everyone in Brazil knows that if you want to compete outside of Brazil coach Aidukaitis is the guy to go to to get you there,” mentioned the Brazilian Silva. 

Most recently, Aidukaitis trained Kalil Macedo Mansur for the YMCA National Masters championship in Orlando where he collected 8 medals. 

As Brazilians athletes continue to show out in national competitions in the US, Aidukaitis is the force behind their dominance. Aidukaitis has scheduled various workshops in the US for the summer of 202 where he is partnering with IdeaSports. 

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