Property management companies that treat its residents like members of an extended family

Ann Arbor Apartments, a family owned and operated rental Administration Company in Michigan has been recognized by its customers for its exemplary services and its treating them as members of an extended family.

In most cases the relationship between a property owner or manager and its residents is normally characterized with suspicion, mistrust and doubt. Where both parties are exhibiting a love-hate emotion, one company, Ann Arbor Apartments has worked very hard over the years to make the residents feel like part of the family. The family owned and operated Management Company treats its residents as part of their extended family.

While articulating how they have managed to achieve this, the company spokesperson said their passion to see the residents and tenants satisfied have made them go a long way in providing services which make them feel appreciated, loved and respected. “We are highly responsive to the resident’s needs, listening carefully to their concerns and moving very quickly to address them, we do not like to keep any of them waiting, we understand the pain and anguish that can characterize an issue around the house, we would not like any member of our family to experience that,” said the company representative while narrating how they have managed to maintain an excellent relationship with their customers.

Warm and cordial relations

Residents attest to this, saying that their relationship with the management company has been warm and cordial, always feeling like part of the larger family. One resident who has been staying at one of their apartments for the last two years says she has been a happy customer. She loves the fact that it’s a family owned company, a property manager who treats its customers with respect and decorum. “They know me by my name; this makes me happy, knowing that they take me as a valued member of their larger family. Every time I make a call to their offices, it is immediately received and my issues are resolved within the shortest time possible,” says a happy resident adding that she highly recommends the company to anyone looking for a house to rent in the Ann Arbor area. “The fact that they go above and beyond their calling as far as the residents issues are concerned and make us feel loved, valued and respected means they have your interest at heart,“ says the resident.

The company has been one of the most awarded and recognized property managers in of Ann Arbor area. Their responsive management has won praise from customers and residents with most saying they would not hesitate to refer the company to anyone looking for a house to rent in Ann Arbor. The company offers seventeen locations, all of which are conveniently located near the University of Michigan. They have a variety of properties including four-bedroom homes, one, two- and three-bedroom apartments, deluxe studios among others. “Residents who are looking for a variety of floor plans will find 18 different floor plans to select,” said the company representative while adding that their properties are located in premier locations such as Packard in Central Ann Arbor, Geddes Hill, McKinley, Carriage house and Thompson in Central Campus and Miller Avenue in West side among others.

About Ann Arbor Apartments

Ann Arbor Apartments is a family owned and operated rental Administration Company in Michigan. The company is operated by a team of professionals from CMB Property Management. The company strives to satisfy residents’ needs through offering responsive management and treating them with utmost respect.

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