The Singapore Sequoia Capital invests in Token Butler for PaloAlto Ecological Development Fund

Singapore Sequoia Capital will work together to develop Token Butler into a decentralized non-profit organization based entirely on PaloAlto. Token Butler will also enter a new and desirable development stage.

For a long time, blockchain projects have been looking for the most effective way to fund their networks. People not only disagree on the best way to allocate resources, but also have different understanding of the best time to allocate resources. Therefore, the blockchain project has adopted a series of different methods, some of which have indeed achieved good results. In order to further understand the relevant issues, we’ll see how much money each project raises, how the money will be used. And how each network’s native tokens will be created and distributed.

In addition, we will focus on which projects are most transparent. After all, transparency is a key principle of blockchain technology. It is worth mentioning that our research was not easy originally, because blockchain projects are different from traditional project funding forms (including other open source networks), and blockchain financing is a completely different species. To further explore this, we will compare the way Linux foundation and blockchain foundation finance, because they are the closest.

PaloAlto is the most widely used and most powerful blockchain operating system in the world for building decentralized applications. Every day PaloAlto overcomes obstacles, breaks benchmarks, innovates technology, and creates new tools to make creating dApps easier. Even traditional industries can easily participate, making everyone a participant in this tremendous change.

Sequoia Capital Singapore has stated that it has always been self-funded. The original intention of Token Butler was to support teams or individuals who are exploring the development of scalability, usability and security. This time, Token Butler added a Staking module group and a fund investment and financing module, to provide a new journey of secure digital application experience for the next generation of value Internet.

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