Lucky Seven Token (LST) is landed on and achieve a key step in leading a unique donation culture

If you have not heard of Lucky Seven in the blockchain field, it’s a Fintech company that aims to propagate the company donation culture by utilizing blockchain technology. As an ecosystem, they propagate the company donation culture by working alongside various humanitarian organizations. Their platforms will be the medium for companies, merchants, and individuals to participate in the act of giving. They will also provide a profitable, expandable, safe, and stable platform through their native currency, LST Token, by which they will be optimizing the fees from the Lucky Pay kiosks and other transactions within the ecosystem. The project’s performance in the development of company donation culture is very prominent.

The progress for Lucky Seven is not outstanding in the technical and eco-system but also their financial level, It has announced recently that they have entered the top 10 well-known mining pool exchanges, this movement could be seen as a milestone in the development. Since the cultivating of the decentralized finance platform in the past 2 years and the experience of a mining pool in the last 6 years, BW has absorbed more than 50k miners globally and obtained registered user over 1 million. The overwhelmed resource as investors and the contribution of the financial system from BW will empower Lucky Seven to become a relatively more stable project in the long-term.

Lucky Seven aims to build a wide ecosystem of interconnected decentralized projects. Every project within the ecosystem will contribute to the charity office of Lucky Seven — the Lucky Foundation. Lucky Seven will be operating a progressive ecosystem that consists of diverse digital services ranging from a digital payment system, a blockchain-based kiosk service, an online marketplace, and a live streaming channel.

The Lucky Seven ecosystem will initially be based on the Ethereum blockchain platform and will carry an ERC-20 standard digital token as its main currency. All the decentralized projects within the Lucky Seven ecosystem will utilize LST Token to reward its users, for service payments, and of course, charity donations.

Like any blockchain project, there is an underlying goal to further expand the use case of its native token to encourage more users. However, Lucky Seven instilled generous programs within its ecosystem to give back to charity and to its users. For every transaction, users will be able to contribute to Lucky Foundation while at the same time get the chance to win LST Token or digital shopping vouchers randomly. In every payment transaction, Lucky Seven will allocate a percentage of the profit for Lucky Foundation.

The blockchain-based project will support poorly-fed children through the generated funds gathered from its products and services which include the Lucky Pay kiosks and mobile wallet, Open Market, and Live Star Platform. These exciting features not only will foster the charity initiative of Lucky Seven — the Lucky Foundation, but will also give back to those who initiate to give to the less-privileged members of the society.

● All-Inclusive Kiosks

Called Lucky Seven kiosks, these machines will provide services to users, such as mobile credit replenishment, fiat-to-crypto conversion, and bills payment, to name a few. Lucky Seven will install these kiosks across different public areas to encourage users to make payments and other transactions.

● Versatile Crypto Token

Lucky Seven Token (LST) is used for a wide array of services and functions within the Lucky Seven ecosystem. It will be used as the primary means of value exchange within the platform. It can be exchanged with fiat money to pay for bills, recharge mobile debit and credit accounts, and more.

● Proactive Philanthropic Efforts

The Lucky Seven network is composed of humanitarian organizations, charity-conscious corporations, telecommunications firms, small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs), generous philanthropists, and the Lucky Foundation, who have been bound to become a vehicle of compassion, empathy, and generosity.

● Sustainable Charity Programs

A portion of the fees incurred when availing of services provided by Lucky Seven will be donated to charity partners and their initiatives. There will also be Lucky Seven winner programs, wherein the system will randomly select individuals who will receive exclusive rewards from the network.

● Charity-Focused DApps

DApps created exclusively for the Lucky Seven ecosystem have philanthropic leanings. Organizations and persons who would like to broadcast their dire situation can utilize the Live Star app to communicate their needs. The mobile wallet app also facilitates the seamless transfer of funds during an emergency.

Enlistment in is a significant step forward in this project and BW currently is ranking top 1 in Korea and Top 10 in CMC global ranking.

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About Lucky Seven Token

Lucky Seven Token (LST) is used for a wide array of services and functions within the Lucky Seven ecosystem. It will be used as the primary means of value exchange within the platform. It can be exchanged with fiat money to pay for bills, recharge mobile debit and credit accounts, and more.

About BW

BW stands for Bitcoin Website. BW started in 2014 as a Bitcoin mining pool. To date, 300,000 BTC, 1.5M LTC, and 2M ETH have been mined by BWpool. In 2017, BW launched its exchange service. BW has 6 major business units including spot trading, options trading, OTC, P2P, and a launch-pad for projects. Also, BW recently released margin trading without interest which can support 20 multiply.

BW’s vision is to “build an open, transparent, safe, efficient and professional top-level digital financial derivatives trading platform”. BW provides mainstream digital derivatives trading, fixed-term contracts, pre circulation contracts, perpetual contracts, index contracts, up / down contracts and other rich trading methods to meet various investment needs. Professional technical team to ensure the safety and stability of user contract transactions.

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