SIM HUNG TRAN is Vietnam’s number one choice for SIM Cards

A wide variety of SIM card numbers, available at your doorstep!

SIM HUNG TRAN is a Vietnam based company that sells SIM cards. In recent years, it has become the most popular SIM card seller, across the entire country.

The standout feature, and the feature which found them this immense success, is its service of selling ‘lucky’ SIM cards to its customers. Sim Hung Tran has a wide variety of numbers, and customers can easily choose any combination of digits, which they feel will improve their prospects in life, or, in other words, prove lucky for them.

This promotion started off as an experiment, but, observing the resulting boost in sales and appreciation from customers, they decided to continue the offer for a longer time period.

The company provides SIMs from six different companies: Vinaphone, Mobiphone, Viettel, VietnamMobile, GMobile, and fixed number. An individual simply needs to choose his preferred connection, and then select the digits which he feels are lucky for him. The company website also provides an entire guide to help customers choose their ‘digits of destiny’.

According to the CEO of the firm, “Our goal was to offer something which no other company was doing. Hence, we came up with the idea of providing clients with SIM cards with a lucky number. This way, our clients not only get the best deals from us, but also a number whose digits are lucky for them. We have come a long way and this success of ours is definitely a fruitful result for all our hardships before”.

The company is now looking to expand its operations, so that it can provide the ‘lucky number’ facility to every customer throughout Vietnam, and it has already lined up investors to support this vision. The Board feels that this is the right time to expand, since the client base is broadening, rapidly, and, to extend quality services to all their customers, it is imperative that the company extends its scale of operations.

For SIM cards having a value in excess of 3 million, the customer can buy the SIM in installments, after paying 30-50% of the value, upfront.

To ensure the best interests of its customers, Sim Hung Tran has several policies in place, which include: regulations on customers (customers are legally responsible while placing an order with the company), contract (a transparent contract; the firm takes responsibility if anything goes wrong; if the customer needs a SIM right away, the nearest agent shall visit the client so that the contract can be signed as soon as possible), delivery (free delivery, nationwide), order cancellation (if the company does not have the product which the customer wants to order OR if the received SIM is different to the one ordered, the client can cancel the order; in case the payment is made and the order is canceled or fails, the company will refund the entire amount paid by the customer), defective product(s) shall be refunded, and an efficient warranty and complaint management department.

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