San Francisco Personal Trainer Says The Key To Success Lies In The Choice Of Trainer

San Francisco Personal Trainer Says The Key To Success Lies In The Choice Of Trainer

San Francisco, CA – John Ferraro, the best personal trainer in San Francisco, is risking creating controversy in the industry, with his controversial belief that the key to success is in identifying the personal trainer that suits the client. 

For many years the industry has pushed systems, packages, diets, and numerous other strategies that claim to deliver results. John, however, believes that the most important choice anyone determined for measurable results is to identify and then employ the trainer that is best suited to them. 

There are a lot of different ways to begin a regime of personal training in San Francisco, but having studied and worked in the industry for thirteen years, John is convinced that it is the relationship with the trainer, which ultimately delivers results. 

“I have observed hundreds of different personal trainers in San Francisco, and every one of them has their own style and methods,” said John Ferraro. “However, ultimately, whatever system they use will normally deliver results provided their client is determined and sticks to the ground rules that are set by the instructor. However, that is where the relationship with the instructor is key, some people react better to a carrot, and others to a stick. The most important part of personal training is the relationship with the trainer client and the ability the trainer has to make the client execute the changes when they are not around.  My advice to anyone looking for a new personal fitness instructor would be to work out what style of teaching and motivation suits them best and then to search for a personal trainer that matches those requirements.” 

John is slightly unusual within the fitness industry, as he has personal experience of always having to fight a battle against being overweight. At the age of 18, he weighed 303 lbs. When John graduated from college after a lot of dedication and hard work, he had dropped to 230 lbs. He has managed to maintain a weight of around 218-228 lbs for the last thirteen years. Because John has been through the struggles of weight-loss, he understands the challenges, and it is this knowledge, and his personal experiences that he believes make him the ideal personal fitness coach.

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