Magoshare Releases Disk Clone Software – AweClone 2.6

Magoshare proudly releases the Disk Clone Software named AweClone 2.6. AweClone for Windows created by Magoshare offers many facilities. The same is true for the software created for Mac users.

Shen Zhen, China – December 10, 2019 – Many Windows and Mac users know the importance of data backup these days. To help them in this respect, Magoshare releases the Disk Clone Software named AweClone 2.6 for Windows. The AweClone for Windows has been launched by Magoshare as the most powerful, yet user-friendly software for disk cloning. With this software, Windows users can securely clone their hard disk drive. They can also clone their external storage device and hard drive without any data loss when they use this new software from Magoshare.

Not just for Windows users, Magoshare releases the AweClone 2.6 for Mac. It has been created as a powerful disk copy and disk cloning software by Magoshare. Using this software, Mac users can easily and securely back up their data, system and even disk. Even, with this AweClone for Mac, users can create a disk image of their hard device or drive.

As far as the AweClone for Windows is concerned, Magoshare has created it as safe, efficient and high-quality software. Above all, users can expect high-quality disk cloning. Being award-winning software, it is trusted by over 10,000 users from across the world. When talking about this application for Windows, the spokesperson of Magoshare said: “AweClone is 100% safe and reliable disk cloning software. It is a complete DIY tool. You can easily and quickly clone hard disk drive or external device within a few clicks.”

The AweClone 2.6 for Windows is offered by Magoshare in a couple of cloning modes. They are partition clone and disk clone. With the former, the user can clone just a hard drive partition to an external device or another hard drive. With the latter, users can securely clone the entire hard disk.

The AweClone for Mac has been created by Magoshare as user-friendly, safe and flexible software. The powerful disk copy application for Mac from Magoshare will help users to copy all their files from their device or Mac to some other hard device/drive just with a single click. In short, this is the best method Mac users can follow to copy and to back up their files under Mac OS. Further, this software will help Mac users with 1:1 copy data from one location to another in an efficient and secure manner.

When talking about the AweClone 2.6 for Mac, the spokesperson of Magoshare said: “AweClone for Mac offers smart disk cloning solution. It can help you create a disk image backup of your Mac system/hard drive/external device. So, you can easily and safely make a full copy of your disk/ system/external device, and use it on another Mac.”

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Magoshare is a dependable data recovery and system utility software developer. The company was established in 2016 and the company is located in Shen Zhen in China.

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