Chinese enamel craftsmanship Handed down through thousand of years, sparkle with brilliance with no stop

With the development of science and technology especially 3D printing, when mention about jewelry, the first thing came to people’s mind is international luxury brand like Hermes, Chanel, Tiffany, Cartier and so on. Few people have paid much attention to the uniqueness and craftsmanship of jewelry.

The craftsmanship of enamel was originated in Western Europe and France, entered China in 1636, and was loved and recognized by the emperor, then began mass production, enamelware and enamel jewelry are reserved for royal family exclusively.

Enamel is not only rustproof, but also comes with vivid color, and it ’s still favored by designers today. Enamel jewelry owns perfect colors combination and elegant texture of enamel, which is as good as the gloss and texture of gems.

For a long time, enamel is a noble and mysterious existence for many people. The enamel has not faded and lost light for thousands of years. This beautiful craft is not only are in fashion in China, but also becomes one of the most favorite Chinese elements for foreigners.

Famous jeweler GUCCI was the first to apply Chinese enamel craft in jewelry. Below is an enameled bracelet from GUCCI.

Time does not leave any marks on the enamel, it looks brand new even after thousands of years, which is amazing!

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