To go far in the digital world, the key is to be socially responsible and creative

To go far in the digital world, the key is to be socially responsible and creative

Juanma Salazar
Juanma Salazar explains how he has achieved his success as a social media star.

Juan Manuel Rojas Salazar, better known in the entertainment industry as Juanma Salazar, is an Internet innovator. As the successful creator of social media content, he is in tune with the stories that advertisers want to tell and what drives the message home for consumers on Internet platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

He specializes in generating content that is socially responsible, refusing to give in to the easy tactics of posting salacious materials simply to boost hype and inflate social media numbers.

Tradition advertising, he explains, involves aggressively presenting a product to an audience and outlining its benefits in hopes that those watching will be impressed enough with what they see to take action and buy it. However, in order to attract attention to their product and set themselves apart from other advertisers, many have turned to messages that are increasingly suggestive and over the top.

Salazar takes a much different approach to advertising a product or service and making its benefits go viral online.

Responsibility is key, he believes, because today’s youth is heavily influenced by what they read and see online. People can either join in the mass hysteria to make a quick buck or they can stand their ground to protect children and produce material that will add value to the world. Salazar has chosen the latter path.

He produces digital content and high-impact videos that clearly present a client’s message without any type of negativity or obscenity. Brands and agencies appreciate that they can present their products and services in a compelling manner without relying on tired innuendoes and suggestive content.

Salazar follows a self-imposed, rigorous standard of ethics and has single-handedly proven to the world that these types of ads and videos can appeal to potential customers and deliver results for his clients with millions of impressions.

Using a technique he developed called “Digital Creative Advertising,” Salazar’s videos become part of the advertising message seamlessly, blending advertiser information with valued content that attracts social media users and transforms them into customers. His videos promote products and services in an organic manner without “shouting” to potential customers.

This method has allowed his clients to capture new customers through social media campaigns that advertise their products without being overtly “salesy.” It’s a subtle message that when used properly, produces great rewards, said Salazar.

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As a result, his technique has revolutionized the advertising industry. Other Latin American companies, agencies and creators have noticed his success and taken steps to replicate his approach to improve the performance of their own digital content promotions.

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