Blockchain and golden seed complement each other

Bitcoin and other digital currencies are pursued by capital, and blockchain, as its underlying technology, is gradually coming into public view. “Blockchain + finance” has become an important direction for future market development. Then how will Golden Seed lay out in “blockchain + finance”?This article from the financial technology, trading technology and block chain technology to popularize the Golden Seed management platform in the digital currency market to achieve long-term stable profit. 

The strong rise of Golden Seed management platform

Golden Seed is a fund hosting platform built with block chain technology, and it also USES its strong Internet technology to realize the two-way revenue of “machine assisted + manual transaction”. In 2012, the gold seed laboratory of the university of mannheim in Germany was established and began to devote itself to the research of digital economics, artificial intelligence, big data and the underlying technology of block chain. From 2014 to 2016, the financial products research group was established. In January 2017, Golden Seed further developed the high-tech trading system that has been used in the financial sector for five years, and developed the unique “high-frequency pulse resolution system”. After as long as 5 years of actual combat investment, the system in practicality is beyond doubt, this is a very stable trading judgment system, with stable earnings performance, is the industry recognized as the best trading system. 

The digital currency market best suited for high-frequency trading

With the rapid development of block chain technology, the volume of digital currency trading market is gradually increasing. The digital currency trading market has the following characteristics:

1) 7* 24-hour non-stop trading;

2) T+0 mechanism,

3) currency one-day amplitude generally exceeds 10%

These characteristics are best suited for high-frequency trading 

Golden Seed specialises in training traders

All traders in Golden Seed platform have at least 10 years of practical trading experience, and they must undergo professional training to operate and use at least three trading techniques. The most important thing is performance appraisal: the average annual return of each trading specialist is not less than 25%, which is just the basic requirement. Most traders’ historical returns are more than 50%, even reaching the level of 1000%. 

Golden Seed high frequency pulse resolution system

Golden Seed platform “high frequency pulse resolution system” is a unique innovation in technology, with four biggest highlights:

1. Able to monitor the fundamental information of 132 countries in real time, including digital economy policy, monetary policy, block chain policy and ICO information of the world’s top 300.

2. Monitor more than a thousand digital currencies in real time, select more than 20 best trading currencies for intelligent in-depth monitoring.

3. 240 million technical analyses per second

4. It has an intelligent data analysis system, which collects a large amount of real trading data to predict the market trend. 

The “blockchain + finance” road of Golden Seed management platform

In fact, the combination of blockchain technology and finance is no accident. Blockchain is a distributed Shared ledger and database with the characteristics of decentralization, tamper-proof, whole-process marking and traceability. Finance is cooperation based on trust, and these features of blockchain lay the foundation for creating trust. Golden Seed is an asset management platform built by block chain technology, which can better meet the needs of The Times. Through the intelligent contract, can guarantee the maximum user trust. Golden Seed asset management platform complies with the development of The Times, and we have reason to believe that “blockchain + finance” is the right development direction for asset management institutions. 

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