Discusses Bay Area Self Storage: The Rise and Growth of an Industry Discusses Bay Area Self Storage: The Rise and Growth of an Industry

During the 1960s, a new industry began to take America by storm. It was deemed self-storage, and the nation quickly caught on to the advantages this new option had to offer. While some studies show this type of facility originated in China centuries ago, it didn’t reach more structured and widely available proportions until just a few decades ago.

Because of the rapidly growing demand in this sector, companies began expanding their offerings early in the evolution of the industry. Since the beginning, countless storage units and facilities have been added to the mix. Reports indicate more than 48 million square feet of new storage space will be created during the years to come to help accommodate the rising need.

Reasons for Needing a Self-Storage Unit

Millions of people turn to self-storage units these days. Facilities offering these units help cover a wide range of needs for homeowners and businesses alike. This has prompted companies like Boombox Storage to grow and adjust their services accordingly.

Short-Term Storage Solutions

Temporary storage needs are among the most common reasons for renting a unit. Families may find their new homes aren’t quite move-in ready as they’re leaving their old ones. Furniture and other belongings once filling an entire home can’t be left in a moving truck for extended periods of time and certainly won’t fit into short-term accommodations like motel rooms. In the meantime, people turn to bay area self-storage companies to bridge the gap.

Temporary Business Needs

Businesses often find themselves in similar situations. When moving from one site to the next or having their current facilities renovated, they need space for temporarily storing their sensitive equipment, machinery, and other pieces. According to and other sources, self-storage units are the most popular solution in instances like these.

Seasonal Storage Requirements

People often move their patio furniture, grills and other outdoor equipment into storage buildings on their properties while not in use. The same is true of seasonal decor. In some cases, though, people don’t have this option. Some don’t have enough outdoor space for extra buildings whereas others are limited by homeowner’s association rules and other regulations. As you’ll find if you click this site, this is yet another reason for the rising popularity of self-storage.

Outgrowing Available Space

As mentioned in one recent write-up, a few people seek out storage units simply because their belongings have outgrown the space, they have available. Certain items hold sentimental value, and their owners are unwilling to part with them. Some belongings hold intrinsic value. Either way, storage facilities offer alternatives to selling those belongings or leaving them at the curb to be picked up with the trash.

All Things Considered

Storage has been a significant issue for people across the globe for quite some time. Based on information in a recent article entitled, “US Storage Market Rebounds as Outage-Scarred California Promises Big 2020 Growth,” this applies to various types of storage needs. Simple space issues are only the tip of the iceberg.

Since the 1960s when self-storage first became widely available, people have been taking advantage of the opportunity. Some are business owners looking to protect their equipment while others are homeowners hoping to hold onto their possessions. Either way, the industry is expected to grow during the years to come.

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