Explains How to Save Time with Static Analysis Explains How to Save Time with Static Analysis

For those who aren’t investing time and effort in static code analysis, now is the time to do so. The fact is, having the ability to deliver code faster doesn’t provide much value if the quality is degraded with the shrinking development cycles. However, if this analysis process isn’t being used yet, it’s not a huge surprise, as this isn’t something that is widespread yet.

According to the GLOBAL STATIC ANALYSIS SOFTWARE MARKET DEVELOPMENT TREND BUSINESS ANALYSIS GROWTH RATE APPLICATION & REVENUE REPORT 2019-2025, however, the use of this analysis can provide an array of time-saving benefits. Getting to know what those benefits are can help a company begin implementing this strategy. 

Receive Feedback Early

According to, static code analysis can provide quite a bit of insight into possible code errors. Even though the tools aren’t going to catch all defects, and they aren’t a total replacement for other tools, like dynamic code analysis, they are an important staple that more developers could and should use to improve overall code quality. While there are different types of tools that can be used, they all have their advantages based on the specific company and project.

Advance Best Practices

The majority of tools used for static code analysis, like the ones offered byParasoft, are rules-driven. This means it is crucial to make sure the rules align with the goals of the organization. For example, in environments that are highly regulated, the rules are going to provide safety compliance. There are several examples where rigorous coding standards are required, so it’s imperative to ensure that developers are adhering to the standards for various auditing purposes.

Save Money and Time

While static code analysis is going to take time, it is time well-spent. The total amount of time spent on this will depend on the number of tools that are used, the tools chosen, and what developers put into the production. While this is true, the time that tools are able to save is well worth the time invested during the development process.

With static code analyzers on staff, it’s also possible to reduce the burden of a code review. By having many teams, code reviews are a significant time pit. With static code analysis, however, this process is made easier and faster, which is a key element of any good code review process.

Improve Overall Code Security

Security concerns everyone from the boards of directors to the front-line development team. Because everything is run on software today, it is crucial to analyze code for possible vulnerabilities from different perspectives. This is why there is a need for several tools, including the static code analyzers.

With the information here in mind, it is clear to see the benefits offered by static code analysis. Being informed is the best way to ensure that the desired results are achieved. Be sure to keep this in mind to save time when it comes to code processes. Take time to read here to learn more.

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