Asks Does Home Insurance Cover Bed Bugs? Uncovering the Truth behind These Insects and Invasion Solutions Asks Does Home Insurance Cover Bed Bugs? Uncovering the Truth behind These Insects and Invasion Solutions

Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. During much of the modern era, people generally considered this nothing more than a quirky phrase said to children while tucking them in at night. Looking deeper, though, most of those popular off-the-wall sayings evolved from a tiny grain of truth somewhere along the way. As several people have found out over the last twenty or thirty years, this one is no exception to the rule.

Looking at the History of Bed Bugs

Historical accounts indicate bed bugs have been around since ancient times. Fossilized examples dating back more than 3,000 years have been found in caves and archaeological sites across the globe. Initially, they weren’t considered significant problems; in fact, some civilizations believed they held healing powers. Ancient Romans used them as a remedy for leeches, and Egyptians mixed them with liquid and drank them to combat the poison from snake bites.

As populations grew and spread, so did the bed bugs living amongst humans. They made their way around the world and soon became a serious issue. According to and various scientific publications, the true nature of these tiny insects was soon discovered. They feed on humans and pets, drinking small amounts of their blood to stay alive. Contrary to what their names may indicate, these insects aren’t limited to living in beds. Their colonies spread to carpet, upholstered furniture, spaces in between walls and virtually any other dark, relatively cool area where they can hide.

How Do Bed Bugs Spread?

Bed bugs can spread in several ways especially in hotels, hospitals, and apartment complexes. In places like these, they’re known to make their way from one room to another while continually reproducing. These creatures also travel on used furniture, bedding, clothing and in other fabric. They commonly infest people’s belongings in hotels and travel back home with them. Infestations can be unnerving, difficult to resolve and costly.

Are Infestations Covered by Insurance?

Because of the sheer volume of bed bugs infesting the world these days and the potential costs of getting rid of them, a number of people are asking, “Does Renters Insurance Cover Bed Bugs?” Unfortunately, the short answer is no. Neither standard homeowner’s or renter’s insurance covers insect or animal invasions of any type. Due to the current prominence of infestations, some coverage providers are offering separate policies for such incidents.

Can Bed Bug Invasions Be Prevented?

While shopping around forInsurance Quotes to cover an infestation if it does occur, certain measures can be taken to prevent bed bugs from entering a space and keep them from spreading once they arrive. Experts recommend purchasing plastic coverings for mattresses. Vacuuming frequently and being sure to vacuum upholstered furniture, crevices underneath walls and in other tight spaces is also advised. While traveling, check hotel mattresses for bed bugs before sleeping on them. Also, keep clothing packed at hotels.

Bottom Line

Bed bugs can’t be killed with over-the-counter sprays and other traditional means. In most cases, professional pest control measures are required once an invasion occurs. You can findadditional info on these insects, preventative measures and reactive remedies online.

In the meantime, looking for an insurance policy designed to cover bed bugs may be helpful. Though some property managers and business owners are required to cover such occurrences, most aren’t. This means taking matters into your own hands is certainly advisable.

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