Suggests EDDM Postcards: Fostering the Rising Effectiveness of Print Mail Advertising Suggests EDDM Postcards: Fostering the Rising Effectiveness of Print Mail Advertising

Almost 30 years ago, the internet as it’s known today officially went live. From there, it quickly became a household item. Today, nearly 60 percent of the Earth’s population spends time in the online world, amounting to almost 4.5 billion people. Of course, the number continues to grow with each passing year.

During the early days of the internet, analysts made some bold predictions about this new development. Many of them revolved around the previously popular realm of printed media. Those experts expected physical forms of newspapers, books, pamphlets, and other materials to be phased out. According to, those prophecies almost came to pass. Then, an unexpected development brought about a much different turn of events.

Wandering Away from the World Wide Web

During the internet’s rise to fame, users began to turn away from traditional reading materials. This prompted businesses to abandon their conventional marketing and advertising methods, such as bulky catalogs and eddm postcards. Other developments, such as DVRs and live streaming further drove down standard advertising alternatives as companies increasingly took their marketing online to go where their prospects were most likely to see them. As you’ll learn if you have a peek at this site, matters quickly took a new turn.

As a result of all this, the internet became a smorgasbord of pop-up ads, not-so-subtle marketing tactics, unexpected redirects, and other commercialized situations. People soon grew tired of all those intrusive claims of companies’ greatness. Rising levels of frustration and mistrust cropped up, leaving consumers looking for other ways of forming conclusions. Naturally, they drifted back to print media and advertising alternatives like those available from MyCreativeShop and various other companies.

Exploring the Effectiveness of Print Media

Based on information from several authorities, rumors of the death of printed advertising were greatly exaggerated. In fact, it has gained effectiveness over the last several years. People now trust physical ads far more readily than digital ones, and they tend to pay attention to printed advertisements. In contrast, the public has grown to largely ignore online ads.

Because of all this, print media has experienced a significant resurgence. More than 56 percent of direct mail is read by recipients based on the latest reports, and an estimated 40 percent of consumers have gone on to make purchases because of postcards and other forms of direct mail. To put this into perspective, over 75 percent of consumers consider email ads to be a hindrance and ignore them altogether. Marketers have come to view an email open rate of 14 percent as acceptable but somewhat out of reach for most companies.

Direct mail may seem like a bit of a foreign concept to some younger business owners. Still, it remains highly effective as noted in a recent article such as, “What is USPS Every Door Direct Mail and Which Small Businesses Should Use It?” Numerous companies can benefit from integrating, or reintegrating, this type of advertising into their repertoires.

Bottom Line

Many experts and consumers alike expected the internet to be the death of printed media. Though it led to a downturn, it certainly didn’t kill it completely. In fact, constantly being bombarded by digital ads led consumers to turn back to print media. Some analysts now predict direct mail will endure long into the future.

No one is saying the online world doesn’t have its advantages. Having the internet at everyone’s disposal has opened countless new doors for consumers and businesses alike. Printed forms of marketing and advertising certainly shouldn’t be ignored moving forward.

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