Realtimecampaign.Com Suggests Encapsulation and Using One’s Own Capsule Filling Machine

Realtimecampaign.Com Suggests Encapsulation and Using One\'s Own Capsule Filling Machine

Looking for an easy way to contain substances?  Consider encapsulation. This technology allows for the creation of easily portable, specifically proportioned amounts of the desired substance.  For more information on encapsulation, check out this site.  

What is Gelatin Encapsulation? 

Encapsulation refers to putting a substance into a capsule.  This is generally done to allow for consumption of the material, whether orally or in suppository form.  However, capsules can also be used for other applications such as toys, hobbies, and recreation.  For example, some capsules contain sponge animals that allow people to “grow their own” animals by adding capsules to water.  According to, the demand for encapsulation devices is expected to grow among hobbyists and professionals.

There are two main types of capsules.  Hard-shelled capsules usually contain dry ingredients and have two halves that can be filled and then sealed.  If a visible demarcation line is apparent on a capsule, it is probably a hard-shelled capsule.  Soft-shelled capsules usually hold liquid ingredients and are slightly soft to the touch without any visible demarcation lines on their surface.  

Ingredients in Capsules

Gelatin capsules are traditionally made with gelatin.  Gelatin is a type of collagen derived from animal products, which can be used as a gelling agent in foods, medications, capsules, and many other applications.  However, because it is animal-based, gelatin is not appropriate for some users, especially for encapsulating ingredients that are vegetarian or vegan.  Vegan capsules and other Capsule Suppliescan be created using plant polysaccharides, starch, cellulose, or carrageenans, which can also act as gelling agents.  Other ingredients in gelatin capsules may include preservatives, artificial or natural coloring agents, surface treatments, glycerin, sorbitol, and lubricants.  

There are a variety of different types of capsule filling equipment available.  Some people are hobby capsule creators while others need them for business production purposes.  Manual capsule fillers can be as small as 20 units and as many as 800 units.  Semi-automatic machines start as small as 100 units and can go up to 204 units. When considering the production of multiple types of capsules, it is important to keep in mind that each capsule size requires a different capsule filler.  Also, capsule fillers have to be completely filled to be used; there is no ability to do partial runs.  Under some circumstances, these factors can make it a better decision to purchase multiple smaller-unit machines rather than a large capacity machine.

Growing Market

According to the Gelatin Capsule Market Growing Demands and Supply Analysis 2019 to 2025, there is a growing market for gelatin encapsulation.  This may be due to increases in population, the aging Baby Boomer population and its increased demands for medications, a growing interest in supplements and herbal medications, or a combination of the various factors.  Regardless of the reason, the trend is clear; there will continue to be a high demand for encapsulation.  

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