The USM team focuses on the most secure and fast payment contracts to create the advantage of good user experience

USM smart contracts are developed by USM’s internal engineering team. Focus on creating the most mature and well-tested smart contracts, using multiple secure offline chains instead of ordinary smart contracts to avoid being affected by errors in the Ethereum network.


In general, there is often a contradiction between upgradeability and being trusted. And smart contracts need to weigh the two. Because USM must act as a trusted party in the system, it can adopt a strong upgradeable strategy without affecting the trust model. If an error occurs on the Ethereum network, USM can respond quickly. There are countless uncertainties in the blockchain world, and USM will do its best to prevent our smart contracts from being affected. At the same time, it also guides the choice of writing smart contracts that can be upgraded to the greatest extent to cope with unknown changes in the future network.

To be recognized and promoted by the market so quickly is inseparable from USM’s inherent advantages. Due to the wholly-owned mortgage of digital assets and the introduction of instant transfer functions, USM can be regarded as a digital alternative that provides cash flow. USM is based on ERC-20. In addition to reliability and stability, low fees are also a major advantage of USM, with low transaction fees and exchange fees. Any digital transaction on the Ethereum blockchain can be solved by USM, and can be traded online 24 hours, and users can conduct secure, reliable and fast asset flows at USM.

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