Child Care Health and Safety Concerns Loom Large For Parents

Child Care Health and Safety Concerns Loom Large For Parents

In today’s economy, most families have two working parents. This means the parents either have to work different hours to ensure one of them is home to care for the children or use daycare for at least a portion of the time they are working. Before choosing a childcare setting, it’s important to visit the facility and ask a lot of questions. Reputable childcare providers will be happy to tell parents what they want to know in order to ease their minds. There are certain things a parent should look for in a childcare center.

Education and Experience

Parents want to know the people they pay to care for their children have knowledge of child development and experience taking care of children in their child’s age group. This knowledge could have been acquired in a classroom or through direct experience with young children. Most childcare providers at KLA Schools have both. It doesn’t necessarily take a degree to make someone qualified as a caregiver but they should know enough about child development and safety to provide age-appropriate care.


Parents want to know that their children will be safe while they are at work. They don’t want to have to leave work in the middle of their shift due to their child being hurt. A parent should explore the area where their child will spend their time. There shouldn’t be any dangerous chemicals within their reach, objects their child could climb on, or unsecured exits that would allow their child to leave the facility. Parents can learn more about safety recommendations at

Healthy Foods

A reputable childcare facility will allow parents access to the menu and inform them of what their child eats on a daily basis. Children with food allergies should be accommodated. A parent who asks to see the area where food is prepared should be escorted to that area to ensure it is clean and sanitary. Parents should not have to question whether their children are eating healthy meals and snacks in a childcare center.

Happy Children

When a parent tours the facility, they should see happy faces. Children should be engaged in learning or playing and supervised by adults who are interacting with them. Overall, it should seem like the children want to be at the facility. While it’s not out of the ordinary to see an unhappy child at a daycare center, that should be the exception and not the norm. Parents who are interested in learning more about highly effective childcare centers or who would like to open their own center should visit

KLA Schools offer creative learning experiences for all children. The open spaces and unique furniture ensure all children are safe and happy while their parents are away. The outdoor environment allows children to hone their gross motor skills as well as their social skills. KLA Schools offers a franchise opportunity to those who are passionate about early childhood education. There are four corporate locations in Florida and 25 franchises currently operating nationwide.

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