Diagnosis Made Easier: GlucoActive to Make Diabetes Heck Less Painful

Diagnosis Made Easier: GlucoActive to Make Diabetes Heck Less Painful

Wroclaw, Poland – GlucoActive is set to release the first ever non-invasive glucometer. A glucometer is used to test the blood glucose level of the body which helps to determine whether or not a person is diabetic. It’s also used consistently once diagnosed with diabetes to monitor blood sugar levels. Popularly the test is administered by pricking a finger to release a drop of blood to complete the test. With GlucoActive, that is eliminated.

As stated by President Robert Stachurski, “GlucoActive signifies the end of puncture and pain to control diabetes and a huge relief for millions of patients globally.” The world diabetes population according to the World Health Organization (WHO) is approximately 422 million which is about 10% of the entire world population and another 10% who are undiagnosed. With the help of GlucoActive persons being tested more frequently will become a norm especially for those who have a fear of needles or being pricked.

The name given to the device by GlucoActive is GlucoStation. It is a stationary device which gives readings/results that are equal to strip glucometers. Patients are able to measure their blood glucose levels by putting a forearm on the device for just a few seconds. The measurement is captured by irradiating the skin with light of a certain wavelength.

GlucoActive is currently open to investors, if interested they may be contacted via email at [email protected]. A part of the mandate of GlucoActive is to develop solutions in the field of modern medicine, non-invasive measurement of blood glucose concentration, but also other substances such as cholesterol, hemoglobin, hydration and many others. To have like-minded investors and believers in the program is welcomed.

The Bioethics Committee granted approval in November 2019 to GlucoActive so they could have conducted medical experiments on patients. The tests are currently being done at the Diabetes Clinics in Poland and they will soon administer tests through selected hospitals, pharmacies and at in home environments.

GlucoActive is a technology company based in the heart of Poland. Over the past 3 years, it has been involved in research and development of innovative medical technologies that can improve the quality and comfort of life for patients with diabetes. For further information visit http://www.gluco-active.com/

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