What’s In A Name? The Answer Is Everything, As People Will Learn When Reading The New Book “the Baby Food Diet”

December 12, 2019 – My name is John. The purpose of any name is to draw attention to something. Whether it is a person or a brand, the importance of a name is always the same. Realize that John is one of the most popular male names in the world. The other millions of people named John probably do not look like me, have the same experiences as me, have my DNA, think like me and the list goes on.  What is behind a particular name, is what matters. This article will talk about a name “The Baby Food Diet” that can be a game changer in your life.

What’s In A Name? The Answer Is Everything,  As People Will Learn When  Reading The New Book “the Baby Food Diet”

The Baby Food Diet” is for you now only a name, but soon it may just be the answer for the life you have always dreamed of enjoying. If you type words The Baby Food Diet in the internet you will get many results and none of them are the diet associated with this book. The new book is titled “The Baby Food Diet” and it is published by the “Huaxia Publishing House” (ISBN# 978-7-5080-9865-4).

The diets found on an internet search with a similar names are simply quick fixes for short term weight loss. None are a permanent solution to weight management.  The diet as outlined by the new book and the diet found with an internet search however do have two things in common. The first one is that both use baby food as a solution for weight loss. The second thing is both can produce short term (fast) weight loss. That’s where the comparison ends.

The new book, “The Baby Food Diet” is the short, medium- and long-term solution to weight management. It is actually the perfect diet as it is easy to follow, and it is guaranteed to produce the body that up to now you only dreamed about.

What you will learn from reading  “The Baby Food Diet”  book will change your life both on a physical and mental basis for the better. The entire second half of the book is devoted to mental health and philosophy. By following “The Baby Food Diet” you will develop a new body and a powerful lasting winning mindset. After reading the book, many people have commented that for some reason that they suddenly have a brighter outlook on life. It is interesting that even slim people will benefit from reading this book due to its powerful messages.

The diet as described by the book “The Baby Food Diet” is broken into three phases. The first phase is the baby food fast. This first phase of the diet is not required and is only for those who wish to jump start the weight loss process. Seeing old friends at an event like a high school reunion can be scary for many people. For such a special event quick weight loss can boost your confidence.

The second phase of the diet is the baby food reduction diet. This is a slow but guaranteed  steady way to lose the weight you have set as your goal. This part of the diet involves replacing two meals each day with two tasty prepackaged meals. These advance prepared meals are simple to carry and easy to consume.

By definition since they are prepackaged meals,  they give the dieter automatic portion and calorie control. Automatic portion control means guaranteed weight loss.  One of the meals is baby food (pureed food) in a squeezable pouch and the other is a protein rich drink. For your third meal you enjoy whatever you like, just like normal. The third meal is the same as if you were not on a diet at all. Normally most people replace breakfast and lunch with the prepackaged foods. However, any meal can be selected as your regular meal.

The third phase is the baby food maintenance diet. This is the forever part of the weight management solution. At this point you replace only one meal each day and enjoy two normal meals. The one replacement meal can be either protein or baby food. It is advised that some small amount of discipline involving portion control be followed when consuming regular meals, but this is not required.  While not advised or encouraged, if you want, it is okay to occasionally gorge to your pleasure. There is a secret solution for the maintenance part of the diet, that guarantees that the weight is gone forever. To learn this secret, you will need to read the book. In fact, the book is packed with useful information that cannot be put in a short article.

What makes “The Baby Food Diet” work is that it is simple and easy to follow. The foods are easy to carry and do not require refrigeration. Portion control is automatically established which means the number of calories consumed is already known. This diet is a guarantee to both lose weight and then keep it off forever.

The diet is not so strict like most others. The Baby Food Diet is easy to stay on forever. A person does not feel they are cheated and deprived when following The Baby Food Diet. You are still eating at least one regular meal each day. You are permitted to stray from the diet, within reason to better enjoy life.

Unlike all other diets, “The Baby Food Diet” recognizes that eating is a part of life and should be enjoyed. The diet does not consider straying and eating unhealthy things as cheating.  Instead, when you indulge on occasion, by enjoying unhealthy foods, this is viewed as a treating yourself. The diet is designed around the concept that people are humans and need that occasional treat to better enjoy life.

With “The Baby Food Diet” snacking is encouraged, we call it treating yourself.  For example, maybe take  a few potato chips, a couple Hershey Kisses or some other item and put them in a small bag. By putting them in a separate bag you have just created portion control. Hershey Kisses are only 22 calories each. To enjoy two or three each day will not hurt your weight loss goals. In addition, for most people, to have a few alcohol based drinks now and then is totally allowed on the diet.

The book points out that allowing  yourself to indulge on occasion will keep you stay balanced and happy.  This type of snacking “Treating” will  keep your mindset in check.  For sure it will keep you from feeling deprived and make it easier to stay on the diet.

Currently  you will need to buy store brands for both the baby food and powered protein. However, in the future the official brand of “The Baby Food Diet book “BFD” will be offering superfood versions of the store items. Food that will be delicious in taste and can be fortified with vitamins, probiotics and other nutrients.

Essentially these superfoods will keep your body healthy and in balance. The “BFD” stands for both “Baby Food Diet” and “Best Forever Diet”. BFD is producing superfoods using world renown scientists and industry experts to create the perfect formulations.

BFD will have  both adult baby food and protein rich drinks.  The dieter will have choices, such as a stress formula, travel formulas to up your immune system, exercise formulas with added electrolytes, etc.  For the protein rich drinks BFD has discovered a unique type of packaging, making it easy to carry in one’s pocket or bag.  To mix it is so easy, all you do is insert the tube of protein rich powder in a normal water bottle, pour, shake and drink. The drink is amazingly filling, delicious and full of nutrients to help keep you healthy.

This article hopefully encourages you to buy and read the new book “The Baby Food Diet”. This book is an absolute life changer.  “The Baby Food Diet” is  much more than a diet, it is also a mental approach to eating and a enjoying a happy life.

As one reader noted this book is a masterpiece. As I read the book, it became very personal and it felt as if it was directly speaking to me. The words came to life and have motivated me like never before. The book is simple to understand, quick to read and extraordinarily inspirational.

For now, “The Baby Food Diet” is only a name in your mind, with no real meaning. After you read the book you will be inspired to start the diet.  The diet will  change your life for the better and make this the one name you will always remember. You will forever say thank you for this excellent book and how it has transformed your life.

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