A New Outlook on Life – Jacek Skrzypczynski Shares His Unique System for Success in Newly Released Book

VANCOUVER, CANADA – Experienced leadership coach and performance trainer Jacek ‘Skyski’ Skrzypczyński has now released his radical new career and life guidebook, Expedition to the Peaks of Your Dreams: Reach Your Goals with Strength, Wisdom and Courage. Using his mountaineering expeditions as a metaphor for leading an extraordinary life, he takes the valuable lessons of strength and resilience learned during his adventures and applies them to every other aspect of his life for optimum success and fulfillment. This is not a book with just ordinary information; it is written like a short novel in a refreshingly open way – with an impact on personal confidence that we all need.

Expedition to the Peaks of Your Dreams includes personal stories of struggle, comprehensive advice and effective exercises. It nudges readers to look at life as an expedition and thus prepare themselves for challenges in both personal and professional realms. Referring to his techniques as a ‘Total Performance System’ for excellence and success, Jacek shares many of those techniques in this book. The lessons he has learned in courage, commitment, exploration and risk-taking during his expeditions have helped him in various other aspects of life and he has developed a complete system to help people from all walks and all stages of life.

Jacek ‘Skyski’ Skrzypczyński is a lifelong adventurer and a leadership coach with international credentials. He has trained CEOs and business executives across several countries, while also working with talented as well as delinquent youth. His ability to reach into people’s subconscious and prepare them for change makes him successful at what he does. As an Alpinist, he has undertaken highly challenging peaks and successfully made it to the summits. Following a near-death accident in the Alps, Jacek had decided that the skills required to climb mountains, were needed in all other aspects of his life. This was when he started developing his unique methods that have now helped people across the globe.

“As an executive coach, Jacek supports professional performance and leadership of his clients. In this book, he inspires and guides anyone who is not yet ready to give up on their dreams or life goals. He does it powerfully, through a moving metaphor of climbing mountain peaks. Follow Jacek’s real story to reach your own Summits, to realize that YOU CAN, and to discover that it is never too late to begin your adventure.” ~ Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers 50 World’s #1 Executive Coach, #6 Most Influential Business Thinker 2017, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

Jacek ‘Skyski’ Skrzypczyński is available for interviews.

Expedition to the Peaks of Your Dreams is now available on Amazon.com

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