Introducing Jess with Less – A Sustainable Clothing Blogger

Introducing Jess with Less - A Sustainable Clothing Blogger

Everyone wants to save money but it isn’t always easy to save when it comes to clothing. New inexpensive clothing is typically low quality and purchasing cheap clothes usually results in having to replace them after a few wears. The other option to save money on clothing is to purchase used items. This can be complicated but there are resources out there to help.

Local Thrift Stores

Most large cities have a few local thrift stores but they aren’t all created equal. Some thrift stores only take donations and use the funds they raise for charitable causes. Many of the items they sell are low quality and acquired when middle-income residents clean out their closets for the season. These donations may be tax-deductible so nonprofit thrift stores usually have plenty of inventory. Shoppers who visit these stores often are likely to find some diamonds in the rough.

Another option for local thrift shopping is a consignment shop. These stores tend to have higher quality items because the shop owners select the pieces they want to sell. The downside of this is that the cost of the clothing is higher. This isn’t always a bad thing though. Shoppers who are able to find high-quality clothing in resale shops like this pay significantly less than they would if the clothing was new. A Sustainable Fashion Blog can help shoppers locate the best resale shops in their area.

Online Thrift Stores

People who live in smaller cities tend to have fewer options for local thrift stores but they can always shop online. The internet allows people from around the country to buy and sell their unwanted items from each other. There are online retailers dedicated to helping people sell their used clothing and larger marketplaces that sell just about everything.

The best online resale shops have an organized system that makes it easy to search by clothing type, brand name, and size. These sites typically only offer a platform for sellers to connect with interested buyers. They charge a small fee to the seller when they complete a transaction and deposit the difference into the sellers’ accounts when their items are sold. The sellers only have to pack and ship the items to the buyers. The site owner never touches the clothing.

Resale shopping isn’t just for people who don’t have a lot of money to spend. In fact, women, as well as men, use these services to help them get better clothing than they would by shopping with their predetermined budget. When they buy designer clothing new, they sell it to recover some of their costs or donate it to thrift stores for a tax deduction.

Jess With Less started in 2018 as a blog about reducing waste. Keeping with the original theme, the blog now focuses on sustainable clothing and tips to help readers find and shop at resale stores. Jess can also be found on various other social media platforms and is currently working on video content so she can help more people reduce waste and wear fashionable clothing.

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