Furnace Repair Services Are Available in Wetumpka, AL

Furnace Repair Services Are Available in Wetumpka, AL

Dealing with furnace issues in the middle of winter can be stressful for homeowners. Furnaces always seem to break down at the worst possible times and when least expected. It is important that homeowners are able to recognize the signs of a furnace problem so they can seek professional help for service. For more information on these services, visit https://www.airnowhvac.com/.

Signs of Furnace Problems

The average lifespan of a furnace is around fifteen years, and the older it gets, the more repair issues begin to arise. To keep a furnace operating properly, it is important homeowners have it maintained by the heating and cooling experts. Knowing the warning signs of furnace repair issues is important for allowing homeowners to seek professional repair services before they experience a full breakdown. The following offers insight into some of the signs of heating repair issues:

● If a homeowner notices strange noises coming from their system, they need to act accordingly. Odd noises can be caused by failing parts and problematic motors. It is important these issues are corrected right away. The longer issues are left unrepaired, the greater the level of damage that can occur.

● When the furnace starts short-cycling, this is a problem that should not be ignored. Short-cycling can mean there is a problem with the thermostat or other more serious issues. Short-cycling will increase heating costs and will ineffectively heat the home.

● For a furnace to operate safely, the pilot light must be blue. If the flame becomes yellow, it is time for a homeowner to call for repairs. There are different issues that may cause a yellow flame, including corrosion on the burner. The furnace should be shut down right away, and the professionals should be called to diagnose and repair the problem.

● When a homeowner continuously turns up their thermostat and the home is still not getting warm, repairs are likely needed. If a furnace is reaching the end of its lifespan and no longer heating like it once did, it is time to consider a replacement. Having an energy-efficient furnace installed can make a big difference in the level and cost of heating the home.

Call the Professionals Right Away

AirNow Cooling and Heating provides expert furnace repair services for homeowners. First, a full inspection is carried out to determine what issues are present. Once the technician has inspected the furnace, they will report back to the homeowner and inform them of their repair or replacement options.

Homeowners should never take a DIY approach when it comes to furnace repair. These appliances can be dangerous without the right skills for repair. Improperly repaired furnaces could also lead to fire hazards and other issues. Homeowners in need of these services can contact us here.

With prompt repairs, furnaces can be protected from further damage. Call the office today to schedule a repair appointment. With these prompt services, homeowners will be able to rest assured their furnace will be safely and effectively repaired, so the home is warm again.

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