“Everything that you need to make digital publicity incredible is not money, it’s creativity,” says Juanma Salazar

With few resources, having talent can do wonderful things.

When social media became prevalent in American culture more than 13 years ago, it took the advertising world by surprise. In the past, advertisers had to go through another company, such as a television station or newspaper, to deliver their message to potential customers, Using social media, advertisers could present their product to thousands of people directly.

The problem was, they didn’t necessarily know the best way to go about achieving their goals. Companies liked the fact that social media advertising was a cheaper source of revenue, but struggled with defining their products and setting them apart from similar competitors.

Juanma Salazar has helped change all of that. A pioneer in the creation of content in Colombia, this talented artist has figured out how to utilize multiple channels and entertainment pages on Facebook and Instagram to showcase his client’s products by integrating organic videos that subtly deliver advertising messages.

He writes the scripts and directs each scene in addition to recording, editing, publishing and disrtributing video campaigns so they obtains a greater reach. This is much different than the conventional approach that calls for an exclusive video production department and relying on extensive amounts of economic resources and human time to achieve half the results of Salazar’s success.

He was one of the first innovators in Latin America to advocate Digital Creative Advertising, a method that consists of introducing a product or service in an indirect way to potential customers. This way, the consumer is not exposed to a “hard sell,” and is able to digest and enjoy the content being shared. All they see is exceptional creativity and a message that speaks to them as if it was written specifically for their enjoyment.

This, of course, takes talent to achieve. Salazar has that experience demonstrated in one of his most successful videos on Facebook where a video he developed advertised a hotel chain in Mexico. It received more than 10 million views and over 220,000 shared the video for an organic reach so extreme that it is impossible to measure. However, it is fair to say that reservations for this hotel chain soared and owners were thrilled with the results of the campaign.

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