Rapper F-One the Don Swears ‘Wave like the Queen’ is Dope after another Wild Episode

December 12, 2019 – What was F-One the Don, the ‘Faceless’ rapper doing in a forest? He swore that one new song is pure dope. That’s it, and it completes the man everyone has come to admire for being brutally honest. F-one is like no other in this game.

So, what did rapper F-one do on a cold winter morning in a forest? Did he do that just to promote a song? But when the song is Wave like the Queen, F-One would pull out all limits.

“Wave like the Queen is about swag, it’s about how much swag you got. I swear to God, oh man, I swear… that this… you think I’m playing, right? Let me show you,” said F-One the Don.

Watch the final act here:

“The song’s addictive. I swear… ,” concluded F-One.

For all his serious fans, F-one the don will release his online clothing store and album on December 25th.

The online clothing store, PACHELEE.com is a clean, dope like experience for those who love to wear trending T-shirts and apparel.

Check out some of the funny Forrest Trump and Funny Trump Tees here: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/fonethedon/

For those who want more music, check out the recent releases – two free mixtapes, “02/01” and “Revenge”. Also eagerly awaited are new albums, ‘Da Faceless’ and ‘Warrior Spirit’.

F-one the Don has the swag because he is a ‘Complete’ artist.

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